Argentina: They called us ‘Filthy Jews’

Ushharbour[2]On September 1, 2016, UK’s Israeli propaganda mouthpiece Jewish Chronicle reported that students from a German-language school dressed in Nazi costumes called students from a Jewish school, you filthy Jews, at Bariloche ski resort named after Dr. Josef Mengele, the German chief physician at Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1943 and 1944. The good-old doctor is accused by the Holocaust Industry of sending 400,000 German Jews to non-existent gas chambers.

The German students, from the Lanús Oeste German school in Buenos Aires, arrived at the Cerebro disco in Bariloche on Tuesday night sporting Adolf Hitler moustaches and swastikas, and giving Nazi salutes. They called the student from ORT Jewish school in Buenos Aires filthy Jews as they proudly showed off their symbols. When bouncers at the club refused to eject the pupils in fancy dress, there was a confrontation which turned into a fight,” reported JC.

According to JC, its source was one of Jewish students on the ski trip.

Argentina had an open White immigration policy for over 200 years in order to turn the country into a White-majority nation. After WWII, the Vatican played a major role in getting Christian Nazi leaders escape to Catholic-majority Argentina including Zionists like Adolf Eichmann, and Josep Mengele.

Eichmann, a SS officer – fluent in Yiddish and Hebrew – was intensely involved in negotiations during World War II between Germany’s SS – SchutzStaffeln – and key Zionist organizations, working together on one very specific common goal: getting as many Jews out of Europe as possible.

Obviously, it’s another Jewish ploy to demonize Argentina’s German ethnic minority as country’s president Mauricio Marci is very popular among Buenos Aires Jewish community. As a former Mayor of Buenos Aires Marci visited the Zionist entity. Last year, on Marci’s victory, Benjamin Netanyahu declared him a friend of Israel.

Argentina was one of the several countries offered to the World Zionist Congress by Baron Hirsch who had bought land all over the world and intended to bring Eastern European Jews (Andinia Plan) to those places in order to lessen anti-Semitism in Christian Europe. He owned land in such diverse places as North Dakota, New Jersey and Tennessee in the United States, Canada, Australia and South America. He claimed that the Argentinean government acquiesced in this project and would cooperate fully in creating a Jewish autonomous state in Argentina.

On April 7, 2014, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported: “On September 12, 1917, the British ambassador to France, Lord Francis Bertie received a letter with an odd request: M. L. Rothstein, a Russian Jewish doctor living in France, requested that Bertie assist him in founding a Jewish state. In essence, Rothstein requested that the British government send forces to conquer Al-Hasa, a desert oasis located in present-day eastern Saudi Arabia. Rothstein wrote that his goal was to establish a Jewish state in the Persian Gulf.”


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