Israel loses $655M lawsuit against Palestinian Authority

On Wednesday, a US Court of Appeal annulled a lower court’s earlier verdict ordering the Palestinian Authority (PA) to pay $655M to the families of Israeli and American Jews killed as result of Palestinian resistance attacks inside Israel during 2002-2004.

By a 3-0 vote, the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan said a lower court judge erred in concluding he had jurisdiction over the case. The appeals court ordered that the civil lawsuit, which began in January 2004, be dismissed.

Tel Aviv-based Shurat HaDin, Israel Law Center, linked to Israeli government and Mossad, filed the lawsuit in 2004 on behalf of the families of 33 Jews killed and another 450 wounded while enjoying their lives on lands stolen from the Muslim and Christian Natives.

In February 2015, a jury in US Federal District Manhattan court ordered the Palestinian Authority to pay more than $218 million in damages to American victims of six Palestinian arms attacks in Israel. The fine would triple to $655 million under the US Anti-Terrorism Act committed against Jews around the world.

Some Palestinian groups (not Hamas and Islamic Jihad) have called the Wednesday decision as a victory for Palestinian people. However, Michael Ratner, Jewish president of Center for Constitution Rights (CCR) has called it an America’s hypocrisy towards the Zionist regime by impeding justice for victims of Israeli terror while criminalizing the Palestinian people to resist Jewish occupation of their ancestral land.

When it comes to Palestine, our courts are closed for accountability against Israel. But our courts are wide open to Israel and its supporters when it’s them going after Palestine and Palestinians. The courts in our country, in the United States, will bend over backwards to hold Palestine libel. And if they can’t, if for some reason the law says you can’t do that, then who will step in here? Our Congress will step in. And as they did here, it will pass laws and statutes that give the courts laws that allow people in the United States, citizens, to sue Palestinians. But those laws will exempt Israel,” said Ratner. Listen to Ratner below.

The vultures at the Shurat HaDin knew that PA have no assets in the United States to pay even one million dollar. Their target was to sabotage millions of dollars of American and European Union aid to Palestinian Authority headed by their puppet Mahmoud Abbas.

This Shylock set-back is very minor as compared to money Jewish groups have been able to extract from Iranian assets in the United States. For example, in March 2016, a US judge ordered Iran to pay over $10 billion in damages to families of victims who died on September 11, 2001 – even though there is no evidence of Tehran’s connection to the attack. The same judge earlier cleared Saudi Arabia from culpability.

In April 2016, US Supreme Court ruled that almost $2 billion in frozen Iranian assets must be turned over to American families of people killed in the 1983 bombing of Beirut US Marine bombing, a Mossad False Flag Operation and other attacks blamed on Iran.


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