Colin Kaepernick’s Malcolm X T-Shirt offends racists

On Monday, NFL quarterback of San Francisco 49ers, Colin Rand Kaepernick, 28, appeared at a news conference sporting a T-shirt featuring Afro-American Muslim revolutionary Malcolm X meeting with Cuban president Fidel Castro at Harlem’s Hotel Theresa on October 2, 1960. Fidel Castro was in New York to attend the UN General Assembly meeting.

Kaepernick’s shirt featured a number of images of Malcolm X and Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, with the caption, Like Minds Think Alike. He also wore a black hat with a large white X, presumably in another reference to Malcolm X.

Earlier on Friday, Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the playing of the US national anthem during a pre-season game against the Green Bay Packers to protest racism in the country.

Surprisingly, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is worshipped by anti-Muslim White Americans – also agreed with Kaepernick that the US is not great.

According to the Jewish media (NYT, NewsMax, IBT, The Root, Western Journalism, Daily Caller, etc.) Kaepernick’s biological mother Heidi Zabransky Russo (Jewish) shamed his son over national anthem protests on Twitter. This is the same mother, who gave birth to Kaepernick at age 19 but doesn’t know who the baby’s father was. Russo gave away her new-born baby for adoption, who was raised by a White couple Rick and Theresa Kaepernick. Since Colin Kaepernick became a NFL star, Heidi, a dental nurse in Colorado, has tried to contact Colin on several occasions but he has refused to acknowledge her as his birth-mother.

On August 29, Israel-First Murdoch‘s The Weekly Standard lectured Kaepernick over Cuban racism.

The biggest problem here is that Kaepernick is seemingly unaware of Castro’s legacy. Aside from Castro’s dragooning and executing Christians (Castro is Catholic) and gays, Castro’s record on racial justice is decidedly no “woke”, as the internet like to say. While Cuba’s legacy of racism predates Castro, it’s safe to say over racism against individuals of African ancestry there remains far more pronounced than it’s in the United States,” wrote the Zionist Jew racist Mark Hemingway.

I’m surprised Hemingway didn’t curse Cuba for jailing American Jewish spy Alan Gross.

Another Zionist Jew idiot at The Raw Story, compared Kaepernick with George Washington (?) while insisting that though he is “biracial”, he is “considered Black”.

However, this didn’t stop some anti-Muslim White racists to portray Colin Kaepernick as product of mix-race – probably Black or an Arab. On August 31, Muslim-hating White writer Steve Sailor claimed that Kaepernick looks-like Osama Bin Laden. He even posted a picture of the two to prove that he is an idiot.

I bet the racists will make sure Colin Kaepernick lose his job for telling the truth about America (watch video below).



4 responses to “Colin Kaepernick’s Malcolm X T-Shirt offends racists

  1. Are you freakin’ kidding me? You’re seriously linking Kaepernick’s message with Trump?

  2. So, I’m a moron if I don’t like Trump? I support what Kaepernick is doing. I don’t support what Trump is saying. If that makes me a moron, Then I’m a moron.

  3. So the Jewess Zabransky got pregnant by a black man and gave away her child so her family wouldn’t disown her and now, that Colin’s got lots of money, she wants to play Mommy??

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