Jews apologize for slandering French comedian

Dieudonne[2]On August 29, 2016, British Jewish writer and author Cnaan Liphshiz penned a Yom Kippur apology at the Jewish Chronicle for his character assassination of one of France’s top comedians, Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, which resulted then Home Secretary Theresa May banning the comedian from entering Britain.

My extensive reporting about this French comedian of Cameroonian descent consistently portrayed him as a fanatical, vulgar and racist provocateur whose acts serve as a thinly veiled pretext for venting a hatred for Jews so intense that it’s led him to partnerships with neo-Nazis who despise him for his race, too,” Liphshiz began his sarcastic apology.

As a typical Israeli propagandist, Liphshiz couldn’t control his lying nature even in the apology. Dieudonne’s first partner was Jewish comedian Élie Semoun. Diedonne’s other partners include Israel-born British Jewish author and Jazz-player Gilad Atzmon, and French philosopher Alain Soral who has no problem having friendship with Africans, Muslims and non-Zionist Jews.

Soral’s ostensible stance is one of respect for the French Republic’s stated values: non-recognition of ethnic groups, equality before the law, popular sovereignty. He highlights the contradictions between the regime’s stated values and its actual practice. The regime is thus discredited among people discovering Soral, and they are then psychologically prepared to be eased into his more radical ideas.

However, Soral and Dieudonné have been the only ones willing to talk about the elephant in the room: Jewish ethnocentrism, Jewish elite over-representation, and Zionism. Naturally if others ignore a huge swathe of reality, one must turn to the only ones who discuss it head-on.

Liphshiz said that since he didn’t agree with the French ban on Muslim women’s choice to wear Burkini on beaches – he realized that Dieudonne too have the freedom to use Quenelle (watch video below).

The disproportionality of the burkini ban, and the French authorities’ overreach, reminded me that Dieudonne can be seen as a humorist who is persecuted for a taboo-breaking act that has triggered remarkably restrictive reactions from the government of one of the world’s most powerful countries,” Liphshiz said.

Dieudonne has created such a hysteria within French Jewish community (500,000) that country’s president Francois Hollande (Jewish), and interior minister Manuel Valls, with a Jewish wife, tried to muzzle him.

In October 2014, Roger Cukierman, president of French Jewish Lobby CRIF was indicted for lying about Dieudonne.


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