Canada’s PM visits China – HR champions cry foul

startbig-aspx_[1]On Monday, Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau began his first state visit to China. On his week-long state visit, Trudeau is accompanied by his wife and their 7-year-old daughter. It was his father, Pierre Trudeau, the longest prime minister of Canada who established diplomatic relations with the communist China in 1970. Pierre Trudeau became the country’s first prime minister to visit China in 1973.

Canada-China relations hit the bottom under anti-Iran Stephen Harper government.

Trudeau intends to sell Canada’s gloomy prospects by deepening business ties with the rapidly growing Asian economy followed by Iran and India.

Jewish controlled so-called ‘human-rights groups’ such as Amnesty International and HRW are trying to use Trudeau’s trip to demonize China over country’s human-rights violations which are bad but not worse than the US, Israel or Canada.

In August 2014, China arrested a Canadian couple Kevin Garratt and his wife Julia, who were charged with espionage. Julia Garratt was later released on bail in February 2015.

In June 2016, Justin Trudeau blasted China over its HR-abuse but not Israel.

If criticism of government in China is a crime – in Canada criticism of Israel is a crime.

If religious minorities especially Muslims are persecuted in China – Muslim communities face anti-Islam hysteria on daily basis in the US, Canada and Israel.

The sexual and physical violence against Canada’s aboriginal women has reached epidemic (watch a video below).

In 2012, a group of aboriginal leaders visited Iran in order to seek Tehran’s help against human-rights violations in the US and Canada.


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