Chancellor Merkel maintains support for refugees!

AngelaMerkel-1[1]German Chancellor Angela Merkel has refused to bow-down under pressure from pro-Israel and anti-Muslim White racist groups over her policy to accept refugees from the Middle East as result of Israel’s proxy wars.

Criticizing the refusal of some pro-Israel EU countries to accept Muslims refugees, Merkel said on Sunday at German public TV channel ARD: “That’s not right at all that some countries say: ‘generally speaking, we don’t want to have Muslims in our countries.”

Backing the idea of a quota system for taking in migrants, the German leader stressed that everyone must do their part, and that a common solution must be found.

A common European migration policy will be on the agenda of an EU summit next month, but eastern members the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia refusing to take in refugees under an EU-wide quota system championed by Berlin.

Most European leaders have used the New Eve’s attacks in Cologne to back-up their anti-refugee policies. The so-called “rape and sexual attacks” which were blamed on the North African (Muslim) refugees is a common feature conducted by the White folks in the West. But this time, the Jewish-controlled western leaders and media played the usual anti-Muslim card.

The German law accepts that a man generally has the right to touch a woman, to have sexual intercourse with a woman. It’s his right, unless the woman shows her resistance very, very strongly,” said Chantal Louis, an editor at Emma, Germany’s oldest feminist magazine. “We have a situation where even touching the breasts or vagina can’t be punished in the logic of that law, because if the perpetrator does it very quickly, you don’t have time to resist. It seems weird and crazy, but that’s German law.”

Angela Merkel is the most popular European leader in the Zionist entity for her blind support for Israel. However, contrary to Israel’s objections, Markel has accepted several thousands of refugees, mostly Christians, from Syria, which has infuriated the anti-Muslim but pro-Israel Germans. In July, Markel did the greatest act of antisemitism – she attended a large Iftar party during the Muslim month of Fasting – and told Muslims at the gathering: Islam is part of Germany.

The American liberator of the White race, Donald Trump, a Judas Goat, has compared Hillary Clinton with Angela Merkel. Trump denounced the massive immigration to Germany under Merkel, for which he blames crime rising to levels that no one thought would they would ever see.

Behind all the so-called decline of White race circus, according to a recent Oxfam report, most western countries, including Germany, have taken in a very small percentage of asylum seekers that exist, with many more seeking shelter in poor countries such as Turkey and Lebanon.

Last year about one million refugees entered Germany, with many escaping US-NATO proxy wars for Israel in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and making the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean sea.


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