Rabbi Laura defends her paedophile father Janner

On August 28, 2016 Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner daughter of notorious British paedophile Lord Greville Janner requested that the allegations against her father be moved to the Civil Court where proceedings have been issued and where they can be thoroughly tested and disproven.

We (family) believe the allegations against our father should be tested in a court of law and not in a public inquiry that does not allow for full cross-examination. In the inquiry, those accusing him of the most heinous crimes will have their accusations broadcast live and anonymously from behind a screen; they will not be cross-examined. Our late father was innocent and is being falsely accused,” Janner-Klausner petitioned.

More than 30 people have made claims against Lord Janner over alleged sexual abuse offences between 1955 and 1988. Lawyers for the alleged victims say their clients have been waiting years for justice.

Last December, British Jewish media claimed that Lord Janner died after a long illness before his court appearance on charges of sexual abuse of several orphan Jewish children. However, several British bloggers claimed that Lord Janner faked his death in order to escape justice (here).

Scottish feminist Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecution, admitted that there was evidence to charge the former president of the British Board of Jewish Deputies on 22 counts of indecent assault and buggery over decades dating back to 1969 but that her department had botched the case. She said dementia – diagnosed by four doctors – meant that a fair trial could not go ahead.

Saunders came under attack not only by several Jewish groups but also by former Home Secretary Theresa May, Britain’s current prime minister.

It has now emerged that two investigations in 1991 and again in 2007 into Janner’s paedopholic activities were mysteriously dropped. The former Chief Constable of Derbyshire police, told The Times newspaper that that there had been credible evidence against the MP but the case had been stopped on the orders of higher ups.

British Judeo-Christian elites and politicians are involved in child sex industry which the Jewish-controlled media blamed on country’s Muslim minority.

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner is married to David Klausner, local Government manipulator. Laura Janner-Klauser speaks fluent Hebrew and is Britain’s only female rabbi. Studying Christian theology at Cambridge University Janner-Klausner has a disturbing habit of forming ‘relationships’ with perverse figures in the Christian arena raising the issue of the root of the corruption. Her current liaison is with Justin Welby, the Jewish Archbishop of Canterbury. She receives a regular platform on Jewish run and paedophile riddled BBC and radio even as her father is prosecuted for child rape. Laura Janner-Klausner patently expresses that her corrosive program of feminism, sexual perversion and same-sex marriage is not for the Jewish tribe but solely directed towards the European Christians by citing her strictly orthodox rabbi Great Uncle Israel Brodie as a ‘profound influence’ (here).


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