Jews against Burkini ban

Inslitoropadebaoburki[2]Two days ago, I posted how the Judeo-Christian White racists are allergic to Islamic modest swimming suit known as Burkini which was recently banned by 23 French town Mayors. Since French decision, many pro-Israel Jewish and Christian politicians are campaigning to ban wearing Burkini at beaches in Germany, Denmark, Australia, etc.

Rachid Nekkaz, a wealthy Algerian-born French entrepreneur and human rights activist has announced to pay $25 to $205 fine on behalf of over two dozen French women charged for wearing Burkinis at beaches.

I decided to pay for all the fines of women who wear the burkini in order to guarantee their freedom of wearing these clothes, and most of all, to neutralize the application on the ground of this oppressive and unfair law,” Nekkaz said.

UK’s Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence of Finchley Synagogue in north London has compared French Burkini ban with Nazis’ hatred towards Jews.

It cannot be for the state to require women to conform to a state of undress, nor to force an individual to appear in a manner he or she considers immodest. The footage of a modest woman being compelled to remove her clothing on the beach in front of onlookers evoked imagery of humiliations meted out by Nazis; the forced shavings of beards and peyote,” Rabbi said.

Rabbi Lawrence said the actions of the authorities in France were a “far, far stretch from a supposed ‘right’ of secular society to be able to go about its business without seeing symbols or cultural clothing of religion.”

Paris-born Israeli Jewish mother of nine Yardena G, says Burkini ban would boost her business in a big way. Yardena owns the Sea Secret, a Jerusalem garment store that sells swimsuit label for Jewish religious women.

UK’s Jewish Chronicle reported on August 26, 2016: “Yardena said that she started her company ‘to empower women’ who wanted to dress modestly for religious reasons. It’s like someone turned the world on its head in France. Instead of promoting modesty and good measures like leaders and figures of authority ought to, they’re telling women to take it off. I don’t understand what’s happened, but I do know that as a person who keeps modest clothing, such measures will do nothing to discourage other women like me.”

Yardena said her main customer base is made up of Orthodox Jewish and Muslim women; Christian women account for a third of Sea Secret’s sales.

Early this week, Jean-Luc Melenchon, former French cabinet minister, Senator, and currently leader of socialist party, Left Front, said: Jews were persecuted, then Protestants, and today Muslims.

Francis Kalifat, president of France’s powerful pro-Israel lobby CRIF has condemned Jean-Luc Melenchon for comparing the persecution of French Muslims with Nazi persecution of French Jews under Nazi occupation.

To a great shop to Islamophobes – According to AP (August 26, 2016) France’s top Administration Court on Friday overturned a ban on Burkinis in a Mediterranean beach resort, effectively meaning that 23 towns no longer issue bans on swimsuits that have divided the country and brought world attention to its fraught relationship with Muslims.


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