Burkini gets popular among non-Muslims since French ban

Inslitoropadebaoburki[2]Lebanon-born Australian designer Aheda Zanetti, the inventor of the two-piece modesty Burkini swimsuit for Muslim women claims that a series of bans across 23 French towns led to a surge in its sales especially among non-Muslim swimmers suffering from skin cancer.

Since she marketed the product in 2008, she had sold 700,000 Burkinis to Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Mormons. She said that daily sale was 10 pieces a day, but since French ban, it has jumped to 70 to 90 pieces a day.

Since the French bans, Ms Zanetti said, she has received a flood of emails supporting her design.

“The idea behind my design was to allow Muslim women to practice sports without violating their moral code. But for many French people it is a political Islamic symbol and for this reason like Islamic Hijab should not be allowed in secularist France,” she said.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls (married to a Zionist Jew woman) has even said that the burkinis is the translation of a political project, a counter-society based as it is obvious, on women’s subjugation, adding that it gives the idea that women are naturally immodest, impure, and should always be covered.

Valls was trying to boast his knowledge of his Bible which claims that every female child is born in sin (Genesis 3: 1-16, and 1 Timothy 2:14).

BBC, and other Jewish-controlled western mainstream media have hailed French ban as expected. They’re also repeating their usual bigoted view of Islam being anti-woman while ignoring the fact Jews in Israel and the US practice more racism against women than practiced in large Muslim communities around the world.

May Fahmi, an Australian writer who wears Hijab and have worn Burkini on beaches for many years, penned an article at The Sydney Morning Herald on August 25, 2016, entitled, Burkini ban: why we need to fight it on our beaches.

British journalist Catherine Shakdam, debates Burkini’s religious, modesty and health benefits with anti-Shari’ah Tony Bugle, founder/president of UK-based Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia on RT (below). “Bugle claims that she was sexually abused for two years from the age of eight and then gang-rapped at age 15,” reported by pro-Israel think tank Gatestone Institute on October 5, 2015. Very good credentials to become an authority on Islamic Shari’ah!


3 responses to “Burkini gets popular among non-Muslims since French ban

  1. Burkini is fine with me on the beach, in the sea, in a river/lake, in the street, in the gym, everywhere except the swimming pool.
    Sorry, the burkini-clad women and the ultra-orthodox Jewish women should have their own pools where they are all OK with entering the pool with clothes on (worn in the street, dusty, perspired, etc), with the body covered so if any lesions/sores are present they are hidden, and without showering at the side of the pool before entering as the rules demand.

    • According to Dr. Kevin McDonald and other anti-Muslim Western scholars – rape is on rise in Europe because Muslim immigrants are obsessed with naked White beauties at beaches and in swimming pools.

      I wish I could be one of those Syrian refugees who are corrupting those innocent synagogue/church going call girls.

  2. I don’t see the relevance of your comment to mine

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