Canada’s RCMP allows Muslim officers to wear Hijab

mounties[1]Hoping to recruit Muslim women, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is allowing its officers to wear Hijabs as part of their uniforms, the government said Tuesday.

The commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police recently approved this addition to the uniform,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Edward Goodale’s spokesman Scott Bardsley told AFP.

This is intended to better reflect the diversity in our communities and encourage more Muslim women to consider the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a career option,” he said.

No RCMP female Muslim officer (if any) yet had asked permission to wear Hijab so far. I doubt very much if any practicing Muslim women would be interested in joining Canadian security services infiltrated by anti-Muslim Zionists.

The decision has upset country’s Israel Lobby (CIJA), and Jewish-controlled media. Ezra Isaac Levant’s anti-Muslim The Rebel website ran a petition against RCMP plan to introduce Hijab with some good Zionist questions; 1) How do you feel about the Mounties – the most iconic symbol of Canada, other than maple syrup and hockey – being Islamized?, 2) How would you feel if you were coming to Canada from some sharia hell-hole, and the first thing you saw was a hijab on a cop?. Then the idiot told his readers: “Hijab is not a religious symbol, it’s political symbol.” One could see Ezra’s bottom on fire if he was told that the so-called Star of David is actually a symbol of Satan (watch video below).

In 2011, Zionist crusader and former Toronto Sun columnist David Menzies (Jewish), got his bottom on fire when Toronto police allowed its female officer to wear Hijab over their uniform. Currently he works for The Rebel.

With the latest uniform change, the RCMP becomes the third police force in Canada to add the Hijab option after Toronto and Edmonton.

Police in Britain, Sweden and Norway, as well as some US states, have adopted similar policies.

In 1990, RCMP was blasted by White racist groups for allowing its Sikh officials to wear turban.

In 2014, RCMP in Manitoba refused to endorse a booklet, entitled, United Against Terrorism, which it collaborated on with local Muslim groups for 18 months due to recommendations in Chapter 5, titled Recommendations for intelligence and law enforcement officials, suggesting that RCMP officials avoid terms like Islamist terrorism and discontinue inappropriate information-gathering techniques including – showing up at workplaces, intimidating newcomers, questioning individuals religiosity and discouraging legal representation. It also suggested officials not use the terms Jihad or Jihadis.

In October 2014, the Israel advocacy group Gatestone Insitute accused both the US State Department, and RCMP for teaming up with Islamists for endorsing the booklet.

The RCMP officer’s uniform – a red serge tunic, leather riding boots and wide-brimmed felt campaign hat – is an iconic Canadian symbol.


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