Italian Muslim calls for a ‘world without Zionism’

The Italian Jewish Lobby has accused an official of country’s yet-to-be- built first Islamic University in Lecce for calling final solution to the Zionist curse.

Raphael Villani, an Italian Muslim convert, who works at the Islamic University Foundation is accused of writing in a Facebook post earlier this month that there needs to be a final solution for Zionists, and the real Jews are the victims of Zionism.

Villani statement is not antisemitic as the Torah Jewish minority agrees with him. Even UK’s veteran newsreporter and author, Alan Hart, wrote last year that Jews are indeed victims of Zionist propaganda.

But like in the rest of the West, Italy is also controlled by Jewish press and money.

The anti-Zionism posts were removed after Israeli officials alerted the Israel-Italy inter-parliamentary group to the posts. The group then filed a formal inquiry with the Italian education and interior ministries.

The Islamic University in Leece began its operation with a few dozens of students late last year after a vicious campaign by Jewish and Christian Zionist groups which claimed that the Muslim only institute would become a breeding ground for Terrorism. The university plans to attract nearly 5,000 students from around the world after its completion in 2019.

The Islamic university is a dream of Giampiero Khaled Paladini, an Italian convert to Islam. He is founder/president of the Islamic University Foundation. Paladini said that the institution aimed to bridge the philosophical divide between the Western and Islamic worlds. Paladini plans to built the university at an old tobacco factory in Lecce which was abandoned since 1980s.

Islam, though, Italy’s largest non-Catholic faith (1.7 million) is not recognized by the state. The Muslims perform their daily prayers in makeshift mosques made in warehouses, garages, and community centers. The Saudi-funded Grand Mosque in Rome is the only officially recognized religious facility.

Some of these prayer places receive money from Muslim charity organization in Turkey, Morocco, and Bangladesh. Unlike Christian and Jewish charities contributions to Muslim charities in Italy are not tax-deductible.

All these Muslim places of worship are monitored by the local police and the US and Israeli intelligence agencies.

The unofficial status of Italian mosques feeds uncontrollable speculation and fear, leading to knee-jerk characterizations in the media as “terrorist dens,” a definition that reflects neither reality nor the findings of the Ministry of the Interior. “Hate preaching really takes place online and in jail,” says Filippo Bubbico, vice minister of the interior.

The Jewish population of Italy is nearly 30,000. Synagogues are found in 22 Italian cities and towns. Over 10,000 Italian Jews live in Occupied Palestine since 1940s.

Italians’ hatred of Muslims is embedded in their history and culture as result of the establishment of Islamic State of Sicily (878-1072 CE). This anti-Muslim character of Italian population has been exploited by the Vatican and Jewish groups in support of the Zionist entity.

Both Milan and Venice were thriving commercial cities, thriving entirely from trade with Saracens. In fact the whole Renaissance, the revival of learning in Europe, inexplicably arose in Italy, that long, narrow peninsula with Saracen civilization brilliant at its tip, and its every port opening to the Saracens’ Sea,” wrote American author and journalist Rose Wilder Lane, in book, Islam and the Discovery of Freedom.


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