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US Senator: US is responsible for killing civilians in Yemen


On Tuesday, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) in an interview at Zionist mouthpiece CNN blasted Obama administration over selling arms to Saudi Arabia which later uses to kill civilians in Yemen.

The Saudis are the ones dropping the bombs, but there’s an American imprint on every civilian life lost in Yemen,” Murphy said.

If you talk Yemenis, they will tell you, this is not perceived to be a Saudi bombing campaign. This is perceived to be a US bombing campaign. What’s happening is that we are helping to radicalize the Yemeni population against the United States. It’s terrible for us right now,” Murphy added.

Ironically, Sen. Chris Murphy had always supported the annual $3 billions-plus military aid to the Zionist entity, which it uses to kill Palestinian and Syrian children.

In 2012, Lee Whitnum, American writer, author and politician from Greenwich, Connecticut, called Rep. Chris Murphy, whore for Murphy’s blind support for the Zionist entity. In 2014 Murphy was hackled by his constituents over his support for Israeli invasion of Gaza which killed over 1,200 Palestinian civilians including 530 children (watch video below).

Pro-Israel lawmakers and Jewish controlled media always practice double standards when it comes to Israel and the Muslim countries. Saudi Arabia is the closet Arab ally of both the US and Israel, but currently, Saudi ‘royals’ are accused of being the master-mind behind the 9/11 in order to divert world attention from the real evildoer, Israel.

Murphy was just parroting what the Jew York Times wrote earlier after the Saudi airstrikes hit the hospital run by the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Yemen killing 14 patients and staffers. MSF was founded by former French Jewish foreign minister Bernard Kouchner in 1971 to serve as a French espionage network during Biafra vs Nigerian central government war, also known as Civil War.

Last year, US-NATO occupation force bombed a MSF clinic in Kunduz city in Afghanistan, killing 20 people including 9 foreign doctors and two children while wounding another 30 civilians.

On doesn’t need a PhD to realize that ‘American imprints” are there in every aggression Jewish army waged in Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, and Iraqi Kurdistan.