US Election 2016 and the ‘Jewish Temptress’

Pro-Hillary Jewish media such as The Jewish Daily Forward and Politico have reported that Clinton team is desperately in search of a Monica Lewinsky aka Queen Esther in Donald Trump’s past ahead of the first general election debate, scheduled for September 26 at Hofstra University, in New York.

On August 16, Annie Karni warned team Hillary at Politico that Trump during the upcoming debate would try to demonize the former First Lady Hillary Clinton raising her husband’s extra-marital affairs with Jewish perverts like former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton’s long-time mistress, American model and actress Gennifer Flowers, and suicide of the White House staffer Vince Foster, accused of being an Israeli spy.

On October 14, 2014 Professor Susannah Haschel (Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College) defended Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex affair based on Jewish law at The Jewish Week.

Interestingly, both Lewinsky and Flowers exploited their sexual affairs with Bill Clinton thanks to Jewish-controlled media. Both made millions of dollars by turning into ‘authors’.

On august 19, Lana Adler posted an article, entitled, Monica Lewinsky and the Trope of the Jewish Temptress in the Trump age.

Trump is battening down the hatches by taking advice from former Fox News chairman and many-time sexual harassment accusee Roger Ailes. Clinton, for her part, is searching for a sparring partner to ready herself for the fight ahead,” Adler wrote.

Adler then try to raise the usual ‘antisemite hoax’ against Judas’ Goat Donald Trump by saying: “There is, pointedly, another dimension of the way Lewinsky was painted in the public eye that is particularly pertinent to Trump, and, specifically, to some of his supporters. It has to do with her Jewishness, with her existence as a Jewish woman.”

Roger Ailes is a Jew, and so is Trump’s other advisor, Breitbart’s Steve Bannon.

Donald Trump has maintained close business relations with Jews. Trump’s daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism to marry Jewish real estate developer Jared Kushner. But pro-Israel Jewish groups and media do have problems with Donald Trump in spite of Trump’s hatred of Muslims. The answer comes from Trump’s response to the question on Jerusalem being ‘eternal capital of Israel’.

A lot will have to do with Israel and whether or not Israel wants to make the deal – whether or not Israel is willing to sacrifice certain things. They may not be, and I understand that, and I’m OK with that. But then you’re just not going to have a deal,” said Trump.

Hofstra University hosted presidential debates in 2008 between then-Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain and in 2012 between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney. It is the only university to ever host three consecutive presidential debates.

Hofstra University president Hofstra Stuart Rabinowitz is a practicing Jew. 50% of the 8,000 students at the Hofstra campus are Jewish.


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