Myth of Russian military base in Iran

bomb3[1]Early this week, Israel dig-out a new anti-Iran ‘smoking gun’ – Russia using an Iranian military base to launch airstrikes against pro-Israel terrorist groups in Syriain Syria.

Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that Iran has not given a military base to Russia or any other country with a military base as the constitution has banned establishment of any foreign military base in the country.

Iran has cooperation with Russia, because of a terrorist crisis which has been created by the US and some regional countries. So, we think that Russia has reached a right view on the region and has started cooperation with Iran in countering terrorism since last year,” Larijani noted.

Russia shocked the Zionist-controlled Western capitals and their Arab puppet regimes when it announced the refueling of its jets at an Iranian air-base which shortened the Russian airstrike distance by over 1000 kilometers.

On August 16, David E. Sanger whined at the Jew York Times: “Russian use of the base, with Iran’s obvious support, appeared to set back or at least further complicate Russia’s troubled relations with the United States, which has been working with Russia over how to end the Syrian conflict.”

On August 18, Paul R. Pillar, PhD, in an article, entitled More False Outrage on the Syrian War clarified the latest smoking gun. Pillar is a former CIA staffer for 28 years, and a senior fellow at Jewish Brookings Institution. He is also a regular contributor at Israel’s advocacy think tank The National Interest, founded by the notorious Jew Neocon William Kristol’s father Irving Kristol.

Russians and Iranians are not buddies. The development has to do more specifically with the conflict in Syria, and the main advantage for Russia concerns tactical operational considerations involving distances to the battlefield and how much of a bomb load certain types of Russian aircraft can carry,” says Pillar.

The United States and its Western and Arab allies including Israel have been using more than less airstrikes and involved in insurgency in both Syria and Iraq. US air force is using its military bases in Turkey and Qatar to establish an anti-Iran and Hizbullah regime in Damascus and Baghdad for the last five years.

The United States probably could have made use of that base in Iran, too, although because of other US military assets in the region it may not need such a staging point as much as Russia did. In any event, there exist other parallel or convergent interests between Iran and the United States, including ones related to the restoration of stability in Syria and Iraq, that the United States could profitably build upon (especially in the wake of completing the agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear program). But any inclinations of the Obama administration to move in this direction are stymied by the strong political resistance within the United States against thinking of Iran as anything other than a target for punishment and isolation. So the United States misses opportunities while Putin, wiser than us in that regard, seizes them,” said Pillar.


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