A Palestinian State under US-Israeli boots

israelstealingpalestinexw9[1]The Zionist regime never ran out of ideas to legitimize its occupation of Palestine. It had rejected every proposal put by its Western and Arab allies (US, France, Saudi Arabia, etc.) in the past (here, here, here).

Recently, New York based Jewish advocacy group, the Israel Policy Forum (IPF) came-up with a new proposal to the anti-Muslim Western plan; the so-called two-state solution to legitimize the Jewish colonial power in the Middle East. It calls for the withdrawal the illegal Jewish settlements, and the Israeli occupation force from the West Bank in return for the West Bank and Gaza becoming a “Palestine Bantustan” with a permanent Israeli and American military to protect the Zionist entity from the newly created “demilitarized sovereign state”.

The proposal is the result of a study conducted by Washington-based Jewish group, the Center for a New American security (CNAS). Nearly 200 former senior Israeli military and intelligence officers put their brains into the study.

The sinister agenda of the IPF proposal is to destroy the Gaza-ruling Islamic resistance Hamas. As the first stage, the proposal calls for Hamas to accept the leadership of Shimon Peres’ Palestinian Gandhi Mahmoud Abbas over both West Bank and Gaza.

“Part of the challenge is that transition in Gaza would first require the Palestinian Authority to reassert governance and security control of Gaza – an issue beyond the scope of this study,” says the proposal.

Naturally, East Jerusalem occupied by the Jewish army in June 1967 aggression would remain part of Israel’s future Capital City.

This proposal could become Netanyahu’s ‘red-line’ for the next US president before Israeli leader threatened to kill himself for the third time. Recently he made that suicidal threat to Americans if they elected Donald Trump. Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported in July 2015, that Netanyahu threatened to kill himself over the upcoming vote in the US Congress on whether to accept the P5+1 nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The American presidents and lawmakers who have historically best served Israel’s interests were fuelled by imperial and Zionist Christian ideologies. US president Harry Truman recognized Israel against the urging of the advisor he believed to be the greatest man alive, George Marshall under pressure from pro-Israel Jewish and Evangelist groups.


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