Bollywood ‘Khan’ detained in US for the third time

shahrukh-khan[1]On August 11, 2016, one of Bollywood’s top actors Shah Rukh Khan was detained and interrogated for two hours at Las Angeles airport for being a possible Muslim terrorist.

US ambassador in India Richard Verma apologized to Khan saying that US immigration authorities are working to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Sorry for the trouble at LAX @iamsrk. We are working to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Your work inspires millions, including in the US,” Verma tweeted.

I fully understand and respect security with the way the world is, but to be detained at US immigration every damn time really really sucks,” Khan tweeted back.

Shah Rukh Khan was in the US with Hindu wife Gauri, sons, Aryan, AbRam, and daughter Suhana to attend an orientation program at the University of Southern California where his first-born Aryan has got admission in an undergraduate course in filmmaking.

It is not the first time Khan was detained. In April 2012, Khan was detained at the White Plains airport near New York for several hours by immigration officials. In 2009, he was detained at the Newark Airport in New Jersey for nearly two hours.

Internationally, if you have a Muslim surname, you might be considered a terrorist,” Khan told Mumbai-based Daily News and Analysis on October 24, 2009.

Shahrukh Khan produced the movie My Name is Khan based on his 2009 experience in the US.

On October 15, 2015, Shah Rukh Khan received a degree of Doctor of Honor from UK’s University of Edinburgh.


2 responses to “Bollywood ‘Khan’ detained in US for the third time

  1. Reblogged this on SUICIDE BOMBERS MAGAZINE and commented:
    DON’T INSULT TERRORISTS: Shahrukh Khan ain’t Dawood Ibrahim’s Dick to fuck Bollywood jealous Hindus, neither Taliban’s Mariachi nor Baghdadi’s conquistador. He’s Preet Bharara’s worst nightmare. Since Shahrukh a Muslim Superstar Gazillionaire while Preetinder Singh is a Sirdarjee on foodstamps rationing, sucking every dumb DOJ’s Honiggas’ cocks hoping to become a Fuck’n DAG someday. Shahrukh got what he deserves as an Anglosexual. Obama rewarded Preet Bharara U.S. Attorney for Southern District of New York for filling US Prisons with Baghdadi’s Sleepercells and Missionaries, who’re ramming his rear as we speak.

    • Preetinder Singh Bharara is a democratic politician and Wall Street millionaire. Like Barack Obama, Bharara too has a very colorful family tree. His father is Sikh, mother Hindu, mother-in-law Jewish, and father-in-law Muslim.

      “When my wife fast for Yum Kippur, and my father-in-law fast in Ramazan, I get to stuff my face with samosas all day,” he joked once.

      Last year Bharara became darling of Jewish Lobby and the Zionist-controlled mainstream media when he dragged Iranian-Turkish businessman Reza Zarab accused of violating US sanctions against Iran with help from high places in Turkey.

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