Hijab wins Bronze Medals at Rio 2016

ibtihajbronze[1]Hijab-wearing Muslim American fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, has shocked the anti-Muslim western racists by winning a Bronze Medal at the Rio 2016. She has become the first ever American athlete to do so on the Olympic stage.

To help us get to grips with this dazzling achievement – the hijab, obviously, and not the fact that she’s ranked eighth in the world – the BBC World tweeting about the incredible phenomenon as: Hijab and a sword.

In Muhammad’s first taste of Olympic competition, the women’s individual sabre tournament, she won her first-round match but was defeated in the round of 16. She was eliminated from medal contention.

In the team sabre tournament on Saturday, Muhammad helped the US – featuring herself, Dagmara Wozniak, Monica Aksamit and Mariel Zagunis — defeat Poland in the first round. They lost to Russia in the next round. But in the bronze-medal match, the US beat Italy, and Muhammad found herself on the medal podium.

Shireen Ahmed, a freelance writer on sports and blogger calls Ibtihaj Muhammad a very identifiable black Muslim woman, and for me, represents possibility and she represents inclusion. She doesn’t apologize for her identity and that is really, really powerful.

On August 11, Hijab-wearing Sara Ahmed, Egyptian weightlifter won bronze in women’s 69kg weight-class, lifting a combined weight of 255 kg to finish behind China’s Xiang Yanmei who took gold and Kazakhstan’s Zhazira Zhapparkul, who won silver. Ahmed became the first Arab Olympian woman.

Rio 2016, will go in history to show the Islamic modesty vs Western vulgarity in women sports as was witnessed during a beach volleyball match between Egypt and Germany (see photo below).

Women athletes wearing Islamic Hijabs have been a big talking point in Rio and around the world sports media. Israel-born British journalist and author, Rachel Shabi pens an interesting article on the Hijabi Olympic.


3 responses to “Hijab wins Bronze Medals at Rio 2016

  1. Vulgarity is obviously a LEARNED cultural artifact. SKIN is what we have in common with everyone else in the “mammal” section of the Animal Kingdom. I suppose that, when easily viewed in public, it DOES detract from that sense of patriarchal control that the sheikh watching a belly dancer in a back room of the Harem hen-house experiences. His experience is only a little better than someone watching volleyball on the telly. boo-hoo-hoo.

    • I always thought a naked wife in sheikh’s harem was different than a White street hooker.

      • Lol!
        Observing that pic, the lady in hijab simply looks like a person in the midst of an athletic action. While her near naked opponent is screaming “Look at me Look at me”

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