Who benefits from the murder of NYC Imam?

The Anti-Defamation League, a criminal pro-Israel Lobby has sympathized with New York Bangladeshi Muslim community over the murder of Muslim cleric Alauddin Akonjee, 55, and his assistant Thara Uddin, 64, who were gunned-down on Saturday while leaving Al-Furqan Jamia Masjid in Queens.

We are shocked and horrified by this unthinkable tragedy and extend our sorrow and solidarity to the families of the victims and the broader Muslim community across New York City. While the motivation for this crime is still being investigated, nothing can justify the killing of an innocent man walking from his place of worship,” said Evan Bernstein, ADL’s New York Regional director.

The Chutzpah – American Jewish authors, Donna Nevel and Elly Bulkin in 2014 book, Islamophobia & Israel, claimed pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups fuel and fund hatred toward Muslims and Islam for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

Bangladeshi community leaders have called the shooting a HATE CRIME linked to anti-Muslim hysteria created by GOP nominee Donald Trump, and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the ‘defender of Israel’.

Henry Sautner, NYPD deputy inspector, however, refused to call the murders ‘anti-Muslim hate crime’. Most of NYPD officials are trained in Israel. In April 2013, top Israeli police chief Yochanan Danino visited NYPD headquarters and held a long friendly meeting with NYPD police commissioner Raymond Kelly, a frequent visitor to the Zionist entity.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations CAIR), the largest Muslim advocacy organization in the United States, announced on Sunday it is offering a US$10,000 reward for information about the man behind the shooting on Saturday of a New York imam and his associate amid a development that comes amid outcry from the city’s Muslim community over the authorities’ reluctance to call the deadly incident a hate crime.

We hope the offer of a reward will lead to the arrest and conviction of the individual who perpetrated this heinous crime,” CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said in a press release. “Once an arrest is made, we expect that the motive of the shooter can be determined.”

On Monday, NYPD charged Oscar Morel, 35, on two-counts of second degree murder. He was arrested originally on charges related to a hit-and-run traffic accident on Saturday, the day of the shootings.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio who visited Israel last year to show his support for Netanyahu regime against Hamas, Syria, and Iran, also sympathized with city’s Muslim community.

Some worshippers claimed that Alauddin Akonjee sort of liked Donald Trump despite latter’s anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Several bloggers and others at social media have claimed that Muslim cleric and his assistant like Seth Rich were murdered to get Israel’s favorite Hillary Clinton elected.

The Zionist Mafia and its controlled mainstream media is on a murder spree and God knows who would be the next victim.

Professor James Petras in his 2016 book, The End of the Republic and the Delusion of Empire, has preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton based of their foreign policy.

Petras exposes the Zionist Power Configuration embedded in the US state apparatus to destroy Islamic and Arab-nationalist structures and institutions of power, parroting Israeli-settler policy of ‘erasure’ – making the Middle East ever-more unstable.

Petras is most of all worried that Hillary will launch WWIII. Her love of killing as a senator under Bush, with her loud support for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and went into high gear as secretary of state under Obama, with overthrows Libya and (still in progress) Syria. Her support for the putsch in Ukraine in 2014, and loud cries to overthrow Iran and prevent negotiations for normal relations continue. The Clinton Foundation’s biggest donors 1999–2014 were Ukrainian Jewish oligarchs.

Contrary to that Petras portrays Donald Trump being a ‘lesser evil’. Trump is in favor of withdraw of US forces from foreign bases, make the allies cough up, be friends with Russia, Jobs for Americans, etc. – But his anti-Muslim gaffes are catching up with him.



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