Erdogan meets Putin

On Tuesday, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan met Russian president Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg after kissing Netanyahu last month. This was the first meeting between the two leaders since the downing of Russian jet over Sinai (Egypt) – an Israeli false flag operation blamed on Turkey.

Even after taking active part in Israel’s proxy war against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad for over four years – last month CIA-Mossad-MI6 engineered a failed military coup against Erdogan government due to its ties with Iran and Hamas.

Erdogan has accused Gen. Joseph Votel, the chief of the US Central Command of masterminding the military coup against him.

The Jew York Times reported on August 9 that while Erdogan and Putin vow to repair diplomatic and trade ties – the West watch nervously (watch video below).

Turkey had long been at odds over the United States and Israel’s support of the Kurds in Syria and Iraq, have had a series of problems lately. Anti-US and anti-Israel feeling have been on the rise in Turkey, amid accusations that the United States and Israel played a significant role in the failed coup in Turkey last month.

Anyone who has followed Erdogan’s political career like me since he was elected Mayor of Istanbul City, would tell you that behind his Islamist façade, he is a power-hungry Turk nationalist. He had betrayed his mentor professor Necmettin Erbakan (died 2011), the first Islamist prime minister of modern Turkey, and his Islamic Virtue Party, which was banned by the pro-Israel Kemalist military in 2001.

Personally I believe if Erdogan really wants Turkey to turn into an independent self-respecting power in the region, he should stop sucking up to Washington, Moscow, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh – and join Iran and Pakistan to create a Muslim power block.

All those Muslim puppet regime should listen to Russian-born famous American Jewish science-fiction author professor Isaac Assimov (Boston University – died 1992), who said how a venomous strain of stupid permeates American social life, based on the premise that my stupid is as good as your smart.

Necmettin Erbakan in an interview he gave to pro-military Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman in 2010, Erbakan called Erdogan a Zionist.

Why on earth did the AK Party give a ‘go ahead’ to the membership of Israel in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and not block membership? Why did the government consent to multi-billion dollars worth of defense contracts with Israeli firms? Erdoğan says ‘one-minute’ to Shimon Peres during Davos but conducts business as usual with the Zionist state. This is hypocrisy,” Erbakan said.


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