Israel: World Vision funds Hamas!

Halabi-arrest[1]On Monday the international Christian charity World Vision said that the Zionist regime has accused the charity’s Gaza Strip director Mohammad El Halabi of funneling millions of dollars to Gaza-ruling Islamic resistance Hamas.

Israeli ‘bone crusher’ Shin Bet had arrested Mohammad El Halabi, 38, on June 15 accusing him of transferring nearly $7.2 millions per year to Hamas which amount to 60% of Gaza administration budget.

Both Hamas and World Vision have denied Israeli charges.

Israel with the help of United States, Egypt and Jordan has kept Gaza Strip under blockade since 2007 for both political and financial reasons. The Zionist regime makes tens of million of dollars each year from the blockade.

Australian academic Dr. Vacy Vlazna, coordinator of Justice for Palestine Matters debunked Israeli propaganda lies about the World Vision and Hamas.

The crackpot Israeli Hasbara* Circus featuring the four clowns of the truth apocalypse, Shin Bet, the Israel government, Shurat HaDin and mainstream media, has, yet again, hit the world stage with the usual lame show of fact contortions, tight rope slander and smoke and mirrors fantasies. Taking a leaf from the Bush-Blair weapons of mass destruction hoax, Israel is going all out to divert anti-Israel opinion on its monumental humanitarian disaster to a fictitious crime allegedly perpetrated by the very victims of said humanitarian disaster- Israel’s wars on Gaza -by concocting an elaborate false crime of embezzlement and terrorism by Mohammed el-Halabi, the dedicated zonal manager for World Vision in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza,” Dr. Vlazna said.

El-Halabi, a family man and ‘trusted colleague’ has worked tirelessly for World Vision for a decade. On World Humanitarian Day 2014, celebrating aid workers, el-Halabi was profiled by the UN as a Humanitarian Hero- a truly well-deserved honor when one considers the horrors Palestinian families face, and particularly aid workers at the emergency front of the carnage, destruction, and suffering. El-Halabi’s decades of humanitarian care includes Israel’s war crimes in Operation Cast Lead, Operation Pillar of Defense and the 51 day monstrous war on Gaza, Operation Protective Edge,” Dr. Vlazna added.


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