Israel admits selling 5,000 Yemeni Jewish babies

yemenite[1]On Saturday, after 60 years of denial, Netanyahu’s cabinet minister in-charge of national security and foreign affairs, Yitzhak (Tzachi) Hanegbi, admitted that Israeli government of David Ben-Gurion (1948-54) was aware of the kidnapping of thousands of Yemeni Jewish babies as part of human-trafficking by several Jewish groups in Israel. These babies were sold to childless Ashkenazi immigrants from Europe.

Hanegbi admission proves once again the historical fact that the extremist Jews don’t feel shame in killing or selling fellow Jews like animals.

Israeli Jews who originated from Arab countries are known in Israel as Mizrahim, in contrast to those of European heritage, who are called Ashkenazim. Tzachi said the evidence suggested that most of the missing children – from Mizrahi families – were taken by hospital staff and sold or given away to European Jews, both in Israel and abroad.

Racism among European Jews towards Jews from Arab and African countries reaches the very top of the government. David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, described the Mizrahim as rabble and a generation of the desert, concluding that they lacked a trace of Jewish or human education.

Before the creation of the Zionist entity by European powers in May 1948 to solve centuriesold ‘Jewish Problem’, Yemen was home to nearly 40,000 Jews. Most of them immigrated to the newly created Zionist entity between 1948-54 as result of terrorist activities carried out by Zionist agents. However, very soon most of them found out the evil nature of the Zionist Jews when thousands of Yemenite babies were stolen and sold for adoption around the world for $5,000 each.

During 1951-52. Cuban Jewish businessman Narciso V. Roselló Otero charted planes to airlift Jews from Yemen and other Middle East countries.

US-based Jewish organization, Justice for Jews from Arab Countries, has been campaigning for years to suck $100 billion from various Arab countries for Israeli Jews and their descendants – known in Israel as Mizrahim who are treated as third-class citizens in Israel. In the 1960s, nearly 100,000 Shepardine (Eastern Jews) youth were murdered by the Zionist regime (Ringworm affair) as result of heavy doses of radiation experimentations.


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