British ‘Fake Sheikh’ and the Jews

British-born Mazher Mahmood, 53, (watch below) former undercover reporter for the British tabloid press and author of several books, is out of job and facing criminal charges for “obstructing justice” in a country where three million Muslims live in fear on daily basis.

For over 20 years Mazher Mahmood was one of the most famous journalists in United Kingdom. He won multiple awards for a string of exclusives mostly obtained in his persona as the Fake Sheikh when he pretended to be a rich Middle Eastern businessman to fool the unsuspecting into revealing secrets or revealing crimes. He has secured the criminal convictions of over 94 people during his association with the News of the World and the Sun tabloid.

Mahmood’s trouble started when he dragged singer and former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos (Jewish) into court on charges of brokering a cocaine deal in July 2014. Judge Alistair McCreath threw out the case against Tulisa Contostavlos based on secret filming by Mahmood’s team. As result, Mahmood was fired by Rupert Murdoch owned the Sun.

Mahmood is now facing trial at London’s Old Bailey for allegedly conspiring to pervert the course of justice. The trail to begin in September 2016, would throw some light on country’s billion dollars tabloid industry monopolized by Zionist Jews while providing another opportunity for the Jewish-controlled politicians and media in bashing Muslims and Islam to benefit the Zionist entity.

The British media will try to hide the fact that Tulisa Contostavlos, 27, is prone to drugs and car accidents. For example, in April 4, 2016, she was banned to drive for next 15 months by the orders of Highbury Cornor Magistrate’s Court. She was arrested for crashing her Ferrari into another car in September 2015. She pleaded guilty to driving while drunk. She was also ordered to pay £1,185 fine.

Last year, Ms Contostavlos tried to commit suicide when she found out that she was being charged with supplying drugs to some of her associates.


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  1. today in my Amsterdam with a small Palestinian flag.LOL regards Joop

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