Khizr Khan and the Jews

Since his appearance at the DNC, Khizr Khan has become a ‘Muslim hero’ for the Organized Jewry. He has been portrayed as a model for American Muslims by anti-Muslim, pro-Israel propaganda news organs like ADL, AJC, CNN, Fox News, NYT, WP, WSJ, etc.

Pakistan-born Khizr Khan is father of UAE-born Capt. Humayun Khan, who was killed while fighting against his fellow Iraqi Muslims in 2004,

The Jewish press praise has nothing to do with Khan family’s services to their adopted country, but because like Muhammad Ali, Khizr Khan challenged GOP nominee Donald Trump‘s anti-Muslim, anti-Islam statements which are no different than what the Jewish Lobby had been doing for decades.

Khizr Khan has now become the Organized Jewry’s tool to demonize Trump in order to get Israel’s favorite Hillary Clinton get elected as the next US president and continue Israel’s proxy war against Syria and Iran. Furthermore, westernized ‘moderate Muslim’ like attorney Khizr Khan help the Organized Jewry to pin all Israeli false flags on Muslims.

On August 2, Israel’s top lobbyist, Jonathan Greenblatt, head of ADL, posted an article at Jewish Medium, entitled, What Khizr Khan Teaches Us About America.

In the article while praising Khan family as a model American Muslim family, he claimed that Khans immigrated to America not for their religion but for the American values. Now, any idiot who believe US vice-president Joe Biden, the father-in-law of two Zionist Jews, said in 2013 that American values are Jewish values.

Khan’s story is classically American: an immigrant wanting to bring his family to this country, not, in his words, because of religion, but because of its values,” Greenblatt said.

Interestingly, Khizr Khan exposed pro-Israel American Jews, many of whom carry the US-Israel dual citizen (below). He said that Muslim immigrants are only loyal to their adopted country and not to the country of birth.

Greenblatt then opened his Israeli litter-box by saying: “Surely, the threat posed by Islamic extremism is real. Self-proclaimed Islamic extremists have employed terror and shaken communities around the world. We have recently seen unspeakable violence perpetrated in Brussels, Baghdad, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Paris, Nice, San Bernardo, and Orlando.”

Too bad for lying Greenblatt as all the events he mentioned have been proven to be work of Israel, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.



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