9/11: How Noam Chomsky shielded Israel

ProfNoamChomskycpd[1]Canadian professor Tony Hall in his latest 7-part research article, Noam Chomsky and Zionism has claimed that Dr. Noam Chomsky is an Israel ‘Gatekeeper’ for September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

American Jewish philosopher Noam Chomsky was the first to author the 128-page booklet, 9-11 in December 2001. In the booklet, Chomsky tries to divert public attention from the real evildoers and claim it as a blow-back to United States imperial foreign policy by aiding western puppet regimes in Nicaragua, Turkey, and Israel in order to commit genocide of local people, Kurds and Palestinians living outside proper Israel.

Chomsky also claimed that the US along with the UK, Egypt, France, Pakistan organized, trained, funded, and trained so-called Muslim radical groups.

However, during an interview on Democracy Now!, Noam Chomsky stated that he believes Osama Bin Laden was probably behind the attacks of September 11, 2001. The statement was curious because in earlier interviews Chomsky described the evidence against bin Laden as thin to nonexistent, which was accurate and, no doubt, explains why the US Department of Justice never indicted bin Laden for the 9/11 attacks.

Two investigative journalists, Barrie Zwicker and Kevin Barrett, PhD concur that Noam Chomsky’s nonsensical interventions on 9/11 constitute an important part – indeed, perhaps the single most instrumental part – of the 9/11 cover up. If Chomsky’s adoring fans had been treated with respect and truth rather than with duplicity and lies, they might have joined together in a timely and effective way to get to the bottom of the 9/11 deception and to demand some legal and political accountability for the fraud.

Canadian-born Barrie Zwicker in an interview with young Iranian journalist and author Kourosh Ziabari said that 9/11 was not planned and executed by Muslims but it was carried out by Israel and the Zionists in Bush administration.

In response to a question at the University of Florida recently, Chomsky claimed that there were only a minuscule number of architects and engineers who felt that the official account of WTC Building 7 should be treated with skepticism. Chomsky followed-up by saying, a tiny number – a couple of them—are perfectly serious. The reality is that close to 2,500 architects and engineers have expressed their doubts about the government’s explanation of how and why the towers fell. It doesn’t matter how many professionals or intellectuals are willing to admit it. The facts remain that the US government’s account for the destruction of the WTC on 9/11 is purely false. There is no science behind the government’s explanation for WTC 7 or for the Twin Towers and everyone, including the government, admits that WTC Building 7 experienced free fall on 9/11. There is no explanation for that other than the use of explosives.

On May 23, 2016, Dave Alpert at the Intrepid Report exposed both Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! being 9/11 disinformation agents for the Zionist entity.

Chomsky and Goodman are bright, knowledgeable, intelligent people. What has influenced them to avoid confronting the government regarding the events of 9/11? Their influence on people who view themselves as progressive cannot be over estimated. When I began questioning the government’s role regarding 9/11, several of my friends responded to me negatively and said specifically that if my suspicions had any legitimacy, Chomsky and Goodman would be speaking out,” Alpert said.

When 9/11 occurred, it was an historical event and an event that changed the course of history. Where was Amy? Relatively silent. She invited David Ray Griffin, who has written several books illustrating the lies and misdirections of the government’s narrative about that day, to Democracy Now! which one could claim was a significant journalistic move. However, instead of interviewing him so that he could reveal to her listening audience the facts that he had accumulated that put into question the government’s explanations of that day, she paired him with a pro-government guest who spent the hour attacking Griffin personally and ignoring any of the data Griffin produced. It became a three-ring circus and helped sabotage any impetus the Truth Movement might have gained within the progressive community. Was that her goal?,” Alpert said.


3 responses to “9/11: How Noam Chomsky shielded Israel

  1. Representative Press

    Israel DIDN’T “do it,” see REAL cover-up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHely2_KkC4&list=PLfrlsC1yJ2dRtvvzX47VwYbu6X-cQuvMM Tony Hall’s ignorance HELPS Zionists get away with cover-up

  2. I also used to think badly about zionists and blamed Israel for 9/11 but Chomsky opened my mind. He also said that the Jewish lobby in the US is not a powerful organization at all, that the AARP (the Amer. Assoc. for Retied Persons) is more powerful. That was a revelation for me. Ever since, every time I see an old geezer I wonder if he’s one of “them.” The best part is when I look in the mirror: I feel empowered!
    No wonder they call him a “philosopher” although he is in fact a linguist.
    Thanks Representative Press! Thanks for the belly laugh.

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