Lobby: Danish people hate Muslims!

On July 28, 2016, an excited Jewish Business Insider news site reported country’s second largest opposition Danish People’s Party (DPP) leader Soeren Espersen saying: “The existing 270,000 Muslims in Denmark, a country of less than 6 million people, already posed a severe risk of harboring sympathizers to the Islamic State militant group.”

Naturally, the Zionist writer Jan M. Olsen is not expected to acknowledge that the so-called Islamic State is a product of the US-Israel sexual affair, and the DPP, the ruling party PVV, and the largest opposition Social Democrats are all controlled by country’s powerful pro-Israel Jewish groups.

The anti-Muslim Soeren Espersen, 53, a journalist and politician is married to a Zionist Jew Yvette Kim Fay and pays regular visits to Israel. He is considered the top non-Jew defender of the Holocaust Industry.

Soeren Espersen lies were exposed by a recent Maurice de Hond opinion poll which claimed that Rotterdam Muslim Mayor Ahmed Abouteleb is more popular among supporters of the anti-Islam PVV ruling party than current prime minister Mark Rutte. The poll gave Aboutaleb, a Morocco-born Labour party member, a seven point lead over the VVD’s Rutte among PVV voters when asked which of the two men they preferred as prime minister.

Under Jewish influence, the Israel Mossad is very active in Denmark. In the aftermath of notorious Danish Cartoons created by Flemming Rose, the Ukrainian Jewish cultural editor of country’s largest newspaper, Jyllands-Posten – professor James Petras and Robin Eastman-Abaya exposed the criminal Zionist Mafia in Denmark.

A starting point for analyzing the cartoon controversy, which has been a focus of attacking Muslims and Muslim countries as intolerant of western ‘freedom of expression’ is the long standing role of Denmark as a major operation point for Mossad activity in Europe. Re-phrased: how could a tiny Scandinavian country of 5.4 million citizen with 3% of Muslim population, renowned for fairy tales and cheese, have become a target for the millions of practicing Muslims, from Afghanistan to Palestine, from Indonesia to Libya, and into streets of cities all over the world with significant Muslim population?,” Dr. Petras wrote.

The story, presented with straight faces, by television newspapers, is of, Mr. Flemming Rose, a crusading cultural editor of a widely-read newspaper who wanted to counter the growing the ‘political correctness’ about Europeans criticizing of Muslims which he compared to the ‘self-censorship’ he had witnessed in his native Soviet Union. The oddly named Ukrainian-born editor of the cultural page of Jyllands-Posten commissioned Danish cartoonists to submit a series of cartoons of Prophet Muhammad as they believe him to be,” said the writers.

Interestingly, last year UK’s Anglican Vicar Stephen Sizer challenged the western ‘freedom of expression’ by posting on his blog a link to :Israel Did 9/11 – and got suspended for six months.


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