DNC: Pro-Sanders crowd torch Israeli flag

On Tuesday night more than 2,000 supporters of Sanders gathered outside the security fence surrounding the Democratic National Convention (DNC) at Wells Fargo arena in Philadelphia. Some of the protesters burned an Israeli flag and chanted Long Live Intifada, while some other carried Hamas flags.

On July 27, David Israel reported at the Jewish Press that police arrested 50 protestors involved in the antisemite activities.

The protesters are Senator Bernie Sanders supporters who have not heeded their own champion’s call to join the DNC in supporting the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton against their common enemy, GOP candidate Donald Trump,” said David Israel.

In the end the Democrat Jewish coalition won and DNC nominated Hillary Clinton as next Israel’s Viceroy in the White House. The American voters are so brainwashed by the Jewish-control media that they cannot realize that American elections are a charade and no matter who wins, Israel would be the real winner.

I always considered Bernie Sanders as fiddler for Hillary Clinton. Now, most of his supporters have come to the same conclusions as they felt betrayed by Sanders’ move to endorse Hillary Clinton. Many said they would vote for Green Party’s Jill Stein, a ‘self-hating, anti-Israel Jew’, who has zero-chance to win in American ‘dollarcracy’.

You broke my heart and betrayed the left Senator Sanders,” wrote Cesar Agusto Diaz, a Sanders supporter from New York.

Sanders dutifully took the stage on opening night of the Democratic National Convention on Monday in Philadelphia and, in effect, told his supporters not to harbor any ill feelings over being stabbed in the back. He warned them against getting sidetracked and urged them to keep their eyes on the bigger issue — defeating Republican challenger Donald Trump in November, (here).

Bill Clinton in his speech at DNC tried to paint his wife as a lesser Muslim hater than her opponent Donald Trump by saying that Muslims can stay in America as long as they’re willing to meet the criteria set by the Jewish Lobby.


One response to “DNC: Pro-Sanders crowd torch Israeli flag

  1. The danger of creating a controlled opposition, like Bernie Sanders, is that you can’t always control its followers…. The burning of the Israeli flag by Sanders’ supporters is an example in point. It must give Bernie much heartache… I am sure Jill Stein is chagrined by this too.

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