Peace in Damascus after 5 years of Israel’s proxy war

City of Damascus is finally liberated of the US-Israel-Saudi Arabia funded Wahhabi insurgency. People are returning to city suburbs once occupied by pro-Israel al-Nusra and Washington’s so-called “moderate rebels”. The city and the residents are rebuilding the ancient city destroyed by the US and its regional allies for Bashar al-Assad support for Lebanese Hibullah and Tehran.

No one knows how long this calm will lost as both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are a regime change in Damascus by all means. Why? Because the Zionist regime wants foreign powers to Balkanize Syria on ethnic basis such as Kurdistan, Alawistan, Druzistan, and an anti-Iran Sunni Syria.

My fellow Canadian, Chicago-born independent writer and blogger, Eva Bartlett, who lived in Gaza for three years and had visited Syria four times, posted a heart-warming article describing her recent visit to Damascus in June-July, 2016.

On prior visits to Damascus, staying in the Old City, the sound of mortars being fired from terrorist-held districts outside of the city was a constant. In recent months, the mortars on Damascus have stopped. Previously, Jebhat al-Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria), Jaysh al-Islam and the Free Syrian Army, among other terrorist factions, rained mortars daily on residential areas of Damascus, hitting schools, homes, vehicles and pedestrians, killing and maiming indiscriminately, leaving civilians, including children, with critical injuries and amputations,” she wrote.

With the recent absence of mortars, Damascenes have opened outdoor establishments where before it was formerly too dangerous. Sidewalks cafes and outdoor eateries open at night were unthinkable less than half a year ago, let alone rooftop cafes and lounges. Although Syrians nation-wide suffer immensely from an economy devastated by war and western sanctions, in Damascus there is a renewed sense of defiance, a refusal to give in, or as a young man in his twenties visiting from Aleppo said: ‘They have their own war against death by living’,” she said (listen to her below).

Watch below Dr. Bashar Jaafari, Syrian ambassadors at the United Nations interview he gave to ABC’s Tony Jones.


2 responses to “Peace in Damascus after 5 years of Israel’s proxy war

  1. The interview with the Syrian ambassador convinced me that I could have never been a diplomat. I mean a real diplomat as he is, not like the screeching, lying, and strutting bullies of USrael who pose as diplomats. Listening to the provocative lies insistently pushed by the interviewer and worse, having to reply to all that with calm and dignity would have been far beyond my temper. Great diplomat.

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