FIBA: No Hijab at Rio de Janeiro Olympics

Between August 6-21, 2016 women basketball teams from 12 countries will be competing including two Muslim-majority nation-states, Turkey and Senegal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Basketball. However, the Muslim women players wouldn’t be allowed to wear Hijab (Islamic modesty head-cover) because the racist International Basketball Federation (FIBA) demands that.

Indira Kaljo, a Bosnian-born American who plays basketball with Hijab, and other female Muslim basketball players who wears Hijab from Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, Indonesia, Qatar, and Sweden have posted an on-line petition demanding FIBA to lift ban on Hijab during the Rio 2016 Olympic Basketball.

Unfortunately for me and many others, we’re not allowed to do so due to our faith. I wear a hijab, but the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) bans the usage of head covering during competition. There are many talented players worldwide who have been unfairly denied the right to play in any FIBA competition, including Hijab, Turban and Yarmulke wearing individuals,” Kaljo said (watch a video below).

Interestingly, on June 13, 2011, American Jewish lobby ADL slammed FIBA for not allowing Israel’s national team point guard Naama Shafir, an Orthodox Jew from University of Toledo, to wear a T-shirt under her jersey because Jewish modesty rules require her to cover her shoulders.

Listen below to another American female basketball player, Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, who was honored by Barack Obama last year.

And finally, Israeli media reported on Friday that ISIS or al-Qaeda may attack 30 Israeli athletes at Rio 2016 as happened at Munich 1972 Olympic Games – a Mossad false flag operation.


3 responses to “FIBA: No Hijab at Rio de Janeiro Olympics

  1. 1. I’d like to know what the sign on Indira’s t-shirt in the first video means: “Think Pink.” I hope it’s not what I think it it….it would mean she is a very confused girl.
    2. ISIS attacking the Israeli athletes in Rio would be a very dumb move on their part: they would kiss bye-bye to all the support they receive from their benefactors. Neah, it’s some trash talk that just tries to demonize our moderate rebels….they know which side their bagel is buttered on.

  2. Women’s color, waddayeknow…. 🙂 wonder if the gays feel robbed of their fav

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