Rabbi Gottlieb: From Zionist to ‘anti-Occupation’

In 2012, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) called Lynn Gottlieb Radical Rabbi for supporting the re-election of The First Jewish President.

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, 67, is one of the first ten women in Jewish history to enter Rabbinic life and, in 1980, became the first woman ordained in the Jewish Renewal movement.

As a committed Zionist, she spent a summer in the Zionist entity in 1966 when she was 17. It was during this visit she met a Native Palestinian for the first time. The meeting left a lasting impression – turning a Muslim hating Zionist to an anti-Occupation (June 1967) Jew.

Rabbi Gottlieb is proud of her faith and Israel’s rights to defend its pre-1967 Jewish occupation. I have to excuse her ‘self-denial’ no matter what the Zionist mafia says about her. Gottlieb has said and done much that would put her at odds with Obama’s subservience to the Zionist entity and the powerful Jewish Lobby. She unlike Jewish actress Roseanne Barr supports BDS movement, which I believe works as Israeli fifth column.

Gottlieb is firmly opposed to American military action against the Islamic Republic to appease Netanyahu. She told Adam Chandler of Jewish Tablet magazine in August 2012: As a rabbi, this is a much broader perspective than Obama’s specific policies toward Israel and Iran. Within that context of looking at his domestic policy and his foreign policy, as an American citizen, I do not support another Middle Eastern war. I didn’t support the war in Iraq, I didn’t support the war in Afghanistan, and I don’t support a war with Iran.

In 2012, Gottlieb along with 18 other rabbis was involved in a failed campaign to get Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions blacklisted by the Presbyterian Church for doing business with the Zionist entity.

On March 11, 2011, Gottlieb, a so-called interfaith activist, shared a panel with UNHRC envoy Richard Falk, and Peter Weiss of the Center for Constitutional Rights on Goldstone Report on Gaza.

Gottlieb led a Fellowship of Reconciliation delegation to the Islamic Republic in 2008 (watch video below), thus becoming the first female rabbi to visit the country since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. She revisited Iran in 2012.

On September 25, 2008 she participated in an interfaith gathering in New York at which Iranian president Ahmadinejad spoke. Her presence at the event was widely criticized as bolstering Ahmaninajed’s position after a UN speech in which he challenged Zionists’ narrative of Holocaust and expressed his wish for dismantling of the Zionist regime. In response to Ahmaninajed’s remarks, Goittleib told Reuters, “our world views are rather different. But unless we have dialogue face to face, how will we create any kind of understanding?” adding that she chose to attend because “peace is better than war.”


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