Anti-Muslim ‘Gay Festival’ for Trump

On Tuesday some of West’s top anti-Muslim, pro-Israel Jews and Christians held GAYS FOR TRUMP festival at the Republican National Convention to show their support for GOP presidential nominee, and their concern over Muslim hatred towards Jews, and LGBT communities.

The event’s keynote speaker was Milo Yiannopoulos, the fervent Jewish gay supporter of Donald Trump. The other speakers included Richard Spencer, publisher of Jihad Watch, a subsidiary of the Jewish David Horowitz Freedom Center, Israel-First Dutch politician Geert Wilders, Jewish blogger Pam Geller, and Peter Brimelow, founder of anti-Muslim White supremacist VDARE website.

They all had one common message: “Donald Trump is the most pro-gay and pro-Israel candidate in history because he wants to ban Muslims.”

Milo Yiannopoulos is editor of LA-based news and commentary website Breitbart founded by the late Proud Jew Andrew Breitbart in 2007. Milo was banned from Twitter this week over racist comments and a harassment campaign against Afro-American female star of the movie Ghostbusters Leslie Jones.

Yiannopoulos declared Trump the most pro-gay candidate in American electoral history not because of his history of fighting for LGBTQ issues, but because he wants to ban Muslims from entering the country.

Yiannopoulos also told his fellow pro-Israel audience: While you were busy hectoring and bullying and nannying us about transgender pronouns, you completely forgot that politicians in this country were welcoming in a religion that wants us dead.

How sad? Last year, the Western Jewish lobby groups and LGBT communities around the world applauded Bangladesh prime minister Hosina Sheikh’s decision to hire transgender to control traffic.

In June 2004, Canadian gay blogger Simon Jones claimed that Muslims treat gays better than Jews and Christians.

I have traditionally felt sympathy for Jews, knowing what it feels like to be an outsider to society. My upbringing taught me to respect education and economic success, much like Jews do. My doctors, dentists, musician friends, quite a few profs were all Jews – perhaps my strongest influences growing up, though just as I never spoke about being gay, they never spoke about being Jewish. It was always assumed that we were basically assimilationists, that being Jewish or gay was something secondary, spicy, if you like. Something that made life interesting but that was not essential,” says Jones.

Gays have also been persecuted – mostly by the church, though Islam and Judaism (yes, our fellow sufferers!) traditionally also forbid and punish homosexuality. But there were never any instances of hysterical, mass expulsion of gays, as there were of Jews. Why? Clearly, because gays never really posed a threat to the dominant society,” says Jones.

I approve of the way gays are integrated traditionally in Muslim society – do your civil duty (marry, have a couple of kids, assimilate, or become a mystic or scholar if straight sex is just too much) and abstain from or carefully practice MSM discretely without disrupting the fabric of social life. Of course there are abuses, but a society which is built on peace, spirituality, and social responsibility will find that such abuses are minimal. Islam is fundamentally based on self-restraint – the purpose of the regular prayers and the impressive month of fasting each year is to strengthen one’s self-control. This aspect of Christianity has been destroyed by the West’s embrace of consumerism. It seems the war against Islam today intends to destroy this very resistance of Islam to western decadence, epitomized by gaylib,” he added.


3 responses to “Anti-Muslim ‘Gay Festival’ for Trump

  1. What, no representatives of NAMBLA at the festival?!? A serious omission.

  2. Maybe it’s not “instead of” but “while also”…. I am sure he will find the time.
    Anyway, thanks for the link, which tested my vomiting reflex and showed it to be working. My fault for reading it right after breakfast.

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