Israeli Colonel killed in Saudi-NATO war on Yemen

loveyemen1[1]Last week, a Toschka Ballistic Missile fired by Yemeni Houthis fighters hit a military camp of the Saudi-NATO led Coalition killing several foreign and local officers including Israeli Colonel Vegedora Yagronovesky, a Data Analyst with the Israeli Army. The military camp is called Al-Hajf South of Ta’ez Governorate.

On July 10, Houthis fighters shot-down an Israeli drone spying on Yemeni military movements (here).

After Col. Yagronovesky loss, Israel Occupation Force (IOF) chief Gen. Gadi Eisenkot held a meeting with Jordanian ambassador to Tel Aviv, Israeli ambassador in Amman and Saudi Arabia’s ambassador in Amman, Khalid bin Faisal bin Turki, in Amman, Jordan.

Eisenkot told Turki that he is ready to let Saudi forces benefit from IOF’s ZioNazi experience of terrorism and murder of Palestinian civilians especially youth – only if Riyadh promise Yemen’s Taiz air base in the Red Sea would be leased to Israel (here).

On July 19, foreign ministers, John Kerry (US), Adel al-Jubeir (SA), and Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan (UAE) met UK’s new Jewish foreign secretary Boris Johnson in London to discuss how to stop pro-Iran Houthis victory in Yemen.

The Ministers agreed that the conflict in Yemen should not threaten Yemen’s neighbours,” said the joint statement issued on July 20 by Boris Johnson’s office.

Taiz became capital city of Imam Ahmed, the Zaydis Shi’ite ruler in 1948. Imam Ahmed was supported by Saudi Arabia and Israel against the Communist insurgency supported by Egyptian president Gamal Abdul Nasser. Imam Ahmed was deposed in 1962.

On April 15, 2015, Oren Kesseler, an Israeli propagandist filth penned an article, entitled, When Israel Helped Yemen’s Shi’ites for the Jewish Politico website.

Two years into Egypt-Yemen war, a disillusion Egyptian pilot defected to Israel, and told his interrogators that his fellow Egyptians were using chemical weapons in Yemen. Then foreign minister Golda Meir feared Israel would be next, and hoped that bogging down the Egyptians in a far away country would keep them too busy to threaten her own,” Kesseler wrote.

So, now we know from where Saddam Hussain got his stockpile of WMDs!

In January 2016, Yemeni military accused the US, Israel and Britain of sending war planes to help Saudi carpet-bombing of Yemeni civilians population.

The Houthis and their allies have turned the war around by invading Saudi Arabia. This led to peace negotiations under hapless UN supervision. But after the Houthis, in a good-will gesture, stopped further attacks on Saudi Arabia the negotiations failed. The Saudis had demanded total surrender which, for some reason, the Houthis and their allies were not willing to concede. Air attacks by the Saudis increased again and they announced, for the twentieths or so time, that their proxy forces will conquer Sanaa within weeks.


One response to “Israeli Colonel killed in Saudi-NATO war on Yemen

  1. The indifference and silence of the MSM vis-vis the death of a high-ranking Israeli officer on the battlefield in Yemen is nothing less than revolting. Surely the two Jews “de jure” and the too Jews “de facto” who met in London on July 19 to discuss Yemen know that this man died a hero. I bet they made appropriate statements but the press ignored them. The Western press has too much freedom in my opinion to print only what they fancy. This must stop.
    Israel is not only tearing away from its own needs some of the funds provided by the US taxpayers, all in order to finance its valiant battle to bring democracy to Yemen, but it is sacrificing its best sons. This should be front page news. I hope this article gets picked up by more sites.

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