American Jewish experience in Occupied Palestine

Some readers of this blog may have heard about Jack Bernstein’s 1985 booklet, entitled My Farewell to Israel, Thorn of the Middle East. This post, however, is about the experience of an American Jewish woman Anna Baltzer, 37, who visited the Zionist entity, Syria, and Iran in 2003.

Anna Baltzer is member of the US-based End the Occupation organization that campaigns for the end of Israeli occupation of Palestinian Territories in 1967.

Ms Baltzer claims that her parents were survivors of Holocaust.

US-based Israeli propaganda mouthpiece The Gatestone Institute, headed by Islamophobe John Bolton, has called her a “liar who fabricates stories about her Jewishness and Israel.”

Her story from her personal blog goes as follows …

Like many Americans and many Jews, I grew up with a positive view of Israel as a peace-seeking democracy. Israel symbolized to me the one protection that Jews had against the type of persecution that had plagued families like mine throughout history. I saw the Jewish state as a tiny and victimized country that simply wanted to live in peace but couldn’t because of its aggressive, Jew-hating Arab neighbors.

In 2003, during a backpacking trip through the Middle East, I began to meet Palestinian refugees from 1948. I didn’t know who the Palestinians were, or where Palestine was, and through my new acquaintances I began to hear a narrative about the history and present of Israel/Palestine that was entirely different from the one I had learned growing up in the United States.

My first reaction was disbelief, and anger. Families told me stories of past and present military attacks, house demolitions, land confiscation, imprisonment without trial, and torture. It seemed that these actions were not carried out for the protection of Jewish people, but rather for the creation and expansion of a Jewish state at the expense of the rights, lives, and dignity of the non-Jewish people living in the region. It was hard for me to believe that Israel could act so unjustly.

Not believing what I heard, I decided to do some research to prove myself right. Immediately, I was shocked to find how much I didn’t know about the situation on the ground. Not knowing who or what to believe anymore, I decided to go to see the situation with my own eyes. Since I returned, I’ve dedicated my life to informing fellow Americans and others about what I found, and what they can do to support a just peace for all peoples in Israel/Palestine (watch video below).


4 responses to “American Jewish experience in Occupied Palestine

  1. As kids say, “gag me with a long spoon!.”
    Pretty Jewish girl (PJG) set herself a high humanitarian goal: to whitewash the Jews occupying Palestine. She pours thick her compassion for the suffering of the Palestinians so how can we not believe her …. Yeah, right.
    She thinks occupation is wrong and by that she means the land stolen SINCE 1967. What went on before is, you know, history and she tells us she will not talk about the “history of the conflict.”
    Jews, she says, are one thing, Israeli Jews another and zionists still another. Only the last category are bad news. But not all of those either because some soldiers are “nice” and all of them are “just following orders.” And look, she says, how many nice Jews (“activists”) there are: they leave the comfort of their homes in oldest (1948) stolen Palestinian land and go to spend some time with Palestinians in more recent (1967) stolen land and do a heroic thing: they…. “bear testimony” in case the settlers attack.
    Makes you sob openly, doesn’t it?
    PJG knows what Palestinians should do: non-violent resistance. Wow! Makes sense: look how it has pushed the Jews back since 1948 when they occupied something like 51% of the land to today when they are squashed in only 18% of it… right? Or am I confused?
    How about non-violent Jewish evacuation from Palestine by the Jews, PJG?
    No, it is not a religious conflict, says PJG, it is all about land, water and resources. She has it about half right: it is not a religious conflict on the Palestinian side. It is, however, on the Jewish side. Is PJG unaware of it: it is the Jewish religion that tells them that they are entitled to grab by whatever means the land, water and resources of another nation, which they keep under a brutal occupation. Why? Because Yahweh told them so.
    As I said, gag me with a long spoon.
    I find the settlers more honest than these anti-zionist zionist peddlers of hasbara. Hatred is above board. This is mealy-mouthed DECEIT.

    • Thank for your old post Wilhelmson.

      The Golden-dome or Silver-dome structure your article and your Israeli misinformation source, the ‘Wikipedia’ describes, is – NOT the sacred Masjid al-Aqsa. It’s the Dome Of Rock, a new structure built over 100 years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) during the Muawia Dynasty.

      Both structures and a tiny mosque, the Umar Mosque, are located on top of a Roman fortress that has nothing to do with the so-called Wailing Wall or the Temple of Solomon, or Temple Mount.

      I visited the site in 1995.

  2. Hello, Lasse. Thank you. So nice to see your comment. I read your article long ago but re-read it again today, here. Beautiful and very moving. I also check Arab Nyheter everyday. Stay healthy and strong and be well!

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