Sorry Mom, I was wrong about Holocaust!

Native-born Canadian citizen of Germany Monika Schaefer is a music teacher in Alberta, Canada. She is being chased by the country’s Organized Jewry for posting two videos on You-Tube (watch below) claiming that Zionists’ story of Holocaust is a hoax created by Zionist Jews to demonize German nation.

Early this month Green Party of Canada expelled her under pressure from powerful Jewish Lobby.

In one of the videos, entitled Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust, she talks about being teased as a child of German immigrants.

Schaefer says as a young girl she confronted her parents about why they didn’t do anything to stop the Jewish genocide. They replied they didn’t know it was happening. Schaefer says her parents didn’t know about the genocide because these things did not happen.

Later in the video she says that since 2014 she started to realize the Holocaust is the biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history (here).

Throughout the video she expresses her firm belief that six million Jews did not die at the hands of Nazi Germany and refers to the Holocaust as the six-million lie.

The second video produced by the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), she said: “If the evidence supported the Holocaust, they wouldn’t need laws prohibiting debate. They would show us the evidence. Only lies need to be protected by laws. The truth stands on its own.”

In 15 European nations including France and Germany, it’s a serious crime to challenge the Six Million story.

She also recommended her listeners to study western historians who have challenged this myth especially German-Canadian author Ernst ZUNDEL, who was deported to Germany to serve five-year imprisonment.

Monika Schaefer is not the first Canadian who has challenged the Holocaust myth. In April 2016, Jewish academic, Henry Makow, PhD, who claims to be grandson of Holocaust victims, said that Holocaust story was fabricated in Washington DC for the sole purpose of creation of the Zionist entity in Palestine.

Arthur Topham, writer and blogger, who has been chased by Canada’s Organized Jewry for decades for criticizing Zionism, Israel, and Holocaust.

Another Canadian victim of B’nai B’rith is Buddhist teacher Brain Ruhe. Last year he got fired for admiring Adolf Hitler in the class.


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