Leader of Turkey’s failed military coup served in Israel

Erdogan_ISIS[1]General Akin Ozturk who was arrested along with five other senior Turkish Generals for leading the failed military coup against president Erdogan on Friday – served as military attaché at Turkish embassy in Israel between 1996-1998.

On July 16, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that after his two-year stunt in Israel – Akin Ozturk, 64, rose quickly to a 4-star General and became the chief of the Turkish air force before resigning in 2015 while continuing to be a member of Turkey’s Supreme Military Council. Before the failed coup, he was one the country’s most celebrated military leaders, boasting medals from Turkish Air Force and NATO.

Turkish prime minister Binali Yildirim told Turkish public TV that the plotters will be tried for treason. But luckily death penalty is outlawed in Turkey.

Erdogan and Jewish-controlled western media have pointed their fingers at Erdogan’s “Islamist” enemy Muhammad Fethullah Gulen, 77, who is living in self-exile Pennsylvania, America since 1999. Washington protects its Turkish “asset” to blackmail Ankara over America’s largest Air Force base in the Middle East, next to the Zionist entity. The base has a stockpile of over 70 nuclear warheads to protect Israel and threaten its regional enemies.

On Monday, Sarah Ganim at the CNN called Gulen “moderate Islamic cleric” with significant numbers of followers in Turkish army, judiciary and public sector. Gulen told Ganim and other reporters at his residence: “My position on democracy is really clear. Any attempt to overthrow the country is a betrayal to our unity and is treason.”

Netanyahu commenting on the Friday coup d’état said that no matter who controls Turkish government, Israel-Turkish friendly relationship wouldn’t change.

So who want a regime change in Ankara? My guess is the US, UK, Israel and EU. Each of these anti-Muslim countries have a grudge against Edogan and Turkish people since AKP party took over power from the pro-Western-Israel Kemalist Donmeh (Crypto-Jewish) elites in politics, army and judiciary.

Since 2002, several anti-AKP elements in Turkish army and judiciary have been sacked, prosecuted and jailed for conspiring to topple Erdogan (here).

In 2014, a Turkish court issued arrest warrants for 4 Israeli generals involved in murders of 10 Turkish aid workers abroad MV Mavi Marmara in 2010 which resulted in a rift and within Turkey-Israel alliance against Arab countries since 1949. Since 2010, the Zionist regime and its lobby groups in the West have supported Turkish anti-government protests.

The European Union, a Judeo-Christian exclusive club, has been dragging its feet over Muslim-majority Turkey’s membership for over two decades now while accepting several parasite European nations. Why? The Jewish Wall Street Journal provided the answer to the puzzle in 2010 (here).

Clearly, the CIA, MI6, and the Mossad were directly involved in the planning, coordination, and execution of yesterday’s coup attempt. Just as they have been directly involved in all of Turkey’s military-staged coups over the past 40 years, this one fits the pattern perfectly. The disillusioned segments of Turkish society don’t have sufficient control or influence over the military to effectuate a successful coup; only the Western intelligence agencies have such power,” State of the Nation, July 16, 2016.


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