Dr. Cornel West: Palestinians Ought To Be Free

Professor Cornel West (Princeton University, and Union Theological Seminary) represented Democrat drop-out Bernie Sanders at the Democrat National Convention platform committee till last week. After Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, Cornel West parted with Sanders.

On Thursday, Cornel West threw his support behind Green Party’s Chicago-born presidential candidate Jill Stein.

This November, we need change. Yet we are tied in a choice between Trump, who would be a neo-fascist catastrophe, and Clinton, a neo-liberal disaster. That’s why I am supporting Jill Stein. I am with her – the only progressive woman in the race – because we’ve got to get beyond this lock-jaw situation,” West wrote in an editorial in UK’s Guardian newspaper on July 14, 2016.

On July 9, pro-Hillary block inside Democrat party shouted-down West and other liberal Democrats’ proposal to include Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories, new illegal Jewish settlements, and the Zionist regime’s apartheid policies. Cornel West refused to vote for the watered-down party’s election manifesto, and warned the delegates that Occupied Palestine has become a modern-day ‘Vietnam War’ for the new American generations. He also compared Democrat Party’s indifference to Palestinian rights with party’s indifference to “these Negros” in the Jim Crow era.

Many booed and shouted about AIPAC and other Jewish groups’ influence over Democratic party, and lots stormed out of the hall in Orlando, Florida.

Both groups have been terrorized and traumatized and stigmatized. But when you talk about occupation. If there was a Palestinian occupation of Jewish brothers and sisters, we ought to be morally outraged. If there is an Israeli occupation of Palestinian brothers and sisters we ought to be morally outraged. This is a moral issue. It’s an issue of our time, and it has spiritual and moral implications. It’s not just about politics. Not just about the next election. And for the younger generation it is becoming more and more what Vietnam was to the 60s or what South Africa was for the 80s. Democratic Party, you’ve been in denial too long, Palestinians Ought To Be Free,” Cornel West said.


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