Indian Occupied Kashmir Valley under curfew

kashmir-1[1]Indian occupied Muslim majority Kashmir Valley is under curfew since July 8 as result of mass protest over the killing of Burhan Wani, popular commander of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen resistance group by Indian occupation forces in Kashmir.

At least 43 civilians are killed. More than 2200 persons are seriously injured, out of which at least 100 on the verge of losing their eyesight permanently after being hit by the lethal pellet guns.

Despite Srinagar being under curfew, the residents of Sheikh Mohalla in Maharaj Gunj rushed to help Deepak Malhotra and his family perform the last rites of his mother, who passed away on Saturday morning, a police official said. “The local Muslims carried the body of the woman to the cremation ground,” he said. Malhotra and his family did not migrate when a large number of Kashmiri Pandits (high caste Hindus) fled the Valley at the onset of Muslim resistance against Indian occupation in 1990.

Emergency has been declared in all major hospitals in the Indian occupied Kashmir Valley. Muslim protesters hit by the bullets and pellets are being ferried in ambulances, which regularly come under attack of the trigger-happy Indian paramilitary CRPF personnel. According to Indian daily Hindustan Times, at least 50 ambulances have been attacked by the CRPF in various parts of Kashmir thus far.

Indian governance has been the cause of the impoverishment of Kashmir Valley, and the progress that Kashmiris have made has been despite Indian misgovernance rather than because of it. Before 1947 partition of British occupied Indian sub-continent, Kashmir Valley had one of the highest standard of living amongst the several dozens princely states. One of the main reasons that the Kashmir Valley was carved out of the Punjab Sikh-rule and sold to the Dogras was so that a Hindu ruler would block the “Muslim corridor” that extended from Afghanistan.

Indian author Sumantra Bose in 1997 book, The challenge in Kashmir: Democracy, Self-Determination and Just Peace, wrote: “After Nehru’s death, arrangements to integrate Kashmir at gun point gained momentum. The origins of the Indian anti- democratic and ultimately futile and destruction Kashmir policy are to be found squarely in the Nehru period. The official ideology of monolithic nationalism and a unitary, zero-sum ‘ national interest,’ as inevitably reflected in the institutional sphere in an impetus to centralize the state structure, was implanted by the Nehru regime and nurtured to full maturity by Nehru’s daughter Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv Gandhi.”

In 2010, India’s world-renowned author and human-rights activist Arundhati Roy said: Kashmir is not part of India.

The Jammu and Kashmir National Front Chairman Nayem Ahmad Khan , said that people of Jammu and Kashmir won’t surrender and will follow their struggle for right to self-determination. Slamming Modi government and its local stooges for their barbarism against innocent people, he said that all the repressive and brutal measures won’t deter us from pursuing our right cause. Though Indian forces have turned the valley into a graveyard but they failed to break our resolve for our birth right and despite all its arrogance, brutalities, killings, torture, mass rapes and plunder, people of state are up and won’t give up their sacred mission no matter how brutal and cruel Indian aggression may be.

This is the second curfew in disputed Kashmir Valley imposed by Modi government this year.


2 responses to “Indian Occupied Kashmir Valley under curfew

  1. ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

    Muslims – causing trouble wherever they are.

    • Yes – you’re right Moshe. Muslims established great civilizations during their 850-year rule in Spain, 1,000 year rule in India, 350 year rule in Greece, 220 year rule in Malta, 140 year rule in Sicily, and influenced French revolution. They even invented 1,000 things which have become household items in Western countries.

      Now tell us what Hindus and Jews gave it to humanity other than genocide of Muslims, Christians and Dalits?

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