Kolkata: Jewish school with only Muslim students!

In the west, enrolling a Jewish girl to a Muslim girl school would be considered the highest act of antisemitism. But in the capital city of Indian Bangladesh, Kolkata (formerly known Calcutta), the Jewish Girls School at 63-Park Street has no Jewish girl student since the 1970s. All its students are Muslims (watch video below).

Not only that, three synagogues attached to the school are tendered by a dynasty of Muslim caretakers.

Aline Cohen, the school principal is very proud of her Muslim girl students.

It’s a source of great pride. I feel it is something we have accomplished to have developed that level of trust with the Muslim community, because in both Jewish and Muslim communities daughters are always considered as needing to be loved, protected and to be sheltered more than boys,” she said.

In a city of 15 million people there are only 20 Jewish families remains. Before the partition of British India in August 1947, nearly 5,000 Jews lived in the city. However, after the creation of Zionist entity in Palestine in 1948, most of the Indian Jews migrated to Israel. According to Indian sources, there are 85,000 Indian Jews living in Israel.

Jews left India but they were replaced by Mossad-linked Chabad thugs (here) and Muslim-hating extremist Hindu groups (Hindutva), who were behind Mumbai terrorist attacks in 2008.

India is one of favorite tourist destination for ex-Israeli soldiers who deal in drugs and prostitution (here). An average of 40,000 Israeli tourists visit India each years – mostly Indian occupied Kashmir and Goa.

Calcutta is home to Mohammedan S.C., Asia’s oldest football team established in 1887. The most famous Muslim from Calcutta was Hossain Shahid Surhrawardy, who was elected deputy Mayor of the city in 1924; chief minister of United Bengal in 1946, and prime minister of Pakistan in 1956. He died during a visit to Beirut (Lebanon) on December 5, 1963. He was the founder of Bangladesh ruling party Awami League in 1949. He is buried in Dhaka.


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