Theresa May: UK’s PM Muslims should fear

On Wednesday, former home secretary Theresa May aka Israeli tank commander became the second woman prime minister of United Kingdom after the resignation of Israel-First David Cameron with Jewish family roots after the recent Brexit referendum.

Last week, Kenneth Harry Clarke, former home secretary, and MP for 45 years, described May: “Theresa is a bloody difficult woman but then I worked with Margaret Thatcher.”

Thatcher’s at one time had 25% of her cabinet from Jewish community. After her death, Benjamin Netanyahu described her as “truly a great leader – a staunch friend of Israel and the Jewish people.”

May dinned with UK’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis on the night before assuming her new position. The Zionist rabbi lauded her services to the Holocaust Industry and combating anti-Israel campaigns.

May has appointed former London Mayor Boris Johnson (Jewish) as her foreign secretary.

Israel’s newspaper Ha’aretz welcomed May’s victory with the headline: “Theresa May will be a formidable PM and true friend of Israel.”

UK’s Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) gave 2015 Islamophobe Award of the Year to home secretary Theresa May for her policies of banning Muslim preachers from entering the UK, revoking passports from British citizens who travel to Syria and applying anti-terror ASBO-style punishments for British Muslims who are merely suspected of so-called terrorist activities.

On Wednesday, in a Facebook post Babar Ahmed, who was released a year ago after 11 years in UK custody (10 years of which was without charge or trial) said that May had laughed at his suffering and that of his family.

On July 12, Sarah Lazare wrote at AlterNet: Britain’s New Prime Minister Has a Huge Islamophobe Problem. Watch a video below.

May in her latest speech pledged to fight extremism by promoting British values like the freedom of speech, the very right she took from Muslim students in British universities by proposing the so-called Counter Terrorism and Security Bill in November 2014, according to the British daily The Independent.


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