‘Women in Sink’ – An Israeli documentary

It’s a 36-minutes PR documentary (watch below) filmed by Israeli filmmaker Iris Zaki at a Haifa hair saloon to prove Israeli Jewish women don’t hate native Palestinian women like in the rest of the Zionist entity.

Iris Zaki, who lives in Britian since 2009, is studying for PhD degree. She is the granddaughter of Egyptian Jewish singer and actress Souad Zaki who married a Muslim Arab musician Muhammad. After the western powers’ creation of Zionist entity, Souad Zaki left her husband and migrated to Israel with their 5-year-old son Moshe in 1948. Muhammad went to New York and remarried. Another famous Egyptian Jewish singer during the same period was Leila Mourad (1918-1995), who converted to Islam.

Zaki went to work at Fifi’s hair saloon in Haifa owned by two Palestinian Christian women with both Israeli Jews and Palestinian women clients. In the documentary she records the conversation while washing their hairs.

Read an Interview with Iris Zaki to learn more about the said documentary.

Before 1948, Haifa was home to about 128,000 people, of whom 66,000 were Jews. The Israeli historian Benny Morris writes that the leadership of Jew terrorist militias Haganah and the Irgun had the ethnically cleansing of the city of its Palestinian Arab population high on their agendas: “About 5,000 Haganah Zionist forces started their attack on Haifa on the 21st of April 1948 – the Haganah broadcasted terror messages via loudspeakers, to terrorise the Arab inhabitants into fleeing.”

After Haifa’s capture by the Haganah, only about 3,500 Palestinians were allowed to stay in Haifa. Many of the Palestinians forced to leave Haifa by Jew murders went to Gaza and Lebanon (here).

The 2015 short documentary Women in Sink had been screened at Jewish Film Festivals in the US, Britain, Canada and Poland.


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