UK gay leader: Stop aid to Pakistan!

flag_of_Pakistan[1]On Friday, Australian-born famous UK gay rights campaigner Peter Gary Tatchell called upon David Cameron government to stop all aid to Islamabad until it protect rights of its Christian minority (2.8 million), and gays.

Tatchell’s anti-Pakistan outburst was against Islamabad’s recent announcement that it plans to make Islamic studies mandatory in public schools. Ironically, in Pakistan hardly a Christian kid goes to public school. There are over 100 Christian primary and high schools for both boys and girls, and colleges in Pakistan. These Christian institutions are run by churches and foreign Christian missionaries while receiving annual contribution from provincial governments. Many of these Christian institutions accept Muslim students and they’re required to recite Lord’s prayer in morning assembly before going to classes. Two of Pakistan’s four military dictators, FM Muhammad Ayub Khan, and Gen. Perwez Musharraf attended Christian school and college.

Pakistan receives less than £191 million annual aid from London (here) to buy light military equipment, and fight “Islamic extremism”, illiteracy, and poverty. In contrast, London gives £6 billion annually to the Zionist regime to terrorize and kill Palestinians.

Christian minority in Pakistan enjoys more privileges than Christian minorities in India or Israel which are British close allies. Muslim minorities, on the other hand, in France (10 million), Germany (4 million), and Britain (2.7 million) are treated like Jews in the past except Muslims have not been expelled from European nations like Jews.

Tatchell, born into a Zionist Christian family, claims to an atheist. He believes that Jesus was not only Jewish but also a gay (sic). He also claims that Christians and gays are hated in every Muslim-majority country.

In 2014, Tatchell became Saint Patron of UK’s “Muslim Rights” group TELL MAMA, which is funded by British Home Department and Jewish groups.

The great majority of Christians in Pakistan are descendants of Hindu Dalits who converted to Christianity during 200-year of British occupation to escape Hindu racism.


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