Spain, Obama and the ‘anti-Jew’ Cartoon

On Saturday, America’s first Jewish President Barack Obama made 15-hour stop in Spain, a NATO partner since 1982, before returning home to address several important national issues including the Friday Dallas shooting. It was first US presidential visit to Spain in 15 years.

On Friday, an official of Spain’ tiny opposition party Izquierda Unida (United-Left) protested Barack Obama visit by tweeting a ‘anti-Jew’ image of the US president hugging a Jewish oligarch (Sheldon Adelson!).

The image portrayed Obama as taking money from a Jewish man, who was shown with a beard and side-curls, wearing a skullcap, and sporting a Star of Zion on and an arm patch with a dollar sign.

The pro-Israel Spanish government and Jewish groups in the US have slammed United-Left party for making ‘political wrong statement’.

The United-Left party has only two members in Spanish parliament. It supports BDS and campaigned for the recognition of an independent Palestinian state in 2014.

In July 2009, American Jewish Committee (AJC) condemned the Spanish newspaper El Pais for publishing an ‘anti-Jew’ cartoon, “accusing Jews of bribing western politicians for allowing Israel to violate all human and international laws.” The cartoon was drawn by cartoonist Romeu, who committed a similar ‘anti-Semitic crime’ in 2008.

Incidentally, in 2009, AJC called Iran’s president Dr. Ahmadinejad; World’s Racist-in-Chief.

By 1492, Catholic Crusaders had killed or expelled five million Arab and North African Muslims and 130,000 Spanish Jews. The rest of the Jews (Marranos meaning ‘swine or pig’ in Spanish language) converted to Christianity to save their necks as part of Spain-Portuguese inquisitions. Both Muslims and Jews were forbidden to live in Spain for the next 500 years.

In 1992, King Juan Carlos of Spain apologized to the world’s 13 million Jews for the cruel treatment of his ancestors. He didn’t bother to apologize to 1.7 billion Muslims around the world.

Last year, pro-Israel Spanish government passed a law allowing the descendant of Marranos to return to their motherland. The ban on descendants of Arab and North African Muslims who were expelled in the aftermath of the end of Muslim rule in 1492 – still remains today.

In response to all these friendly overtures, powerful Jewish lobby ADL have called Spanish people the most Jew-hating people in Europe.


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