Dallas shooting: Another false-flag terror

On Friday, a Black dude shot and killed five policemen and wounded another seven cops at the anti-Police rally in Dallas. The shooter, Micah Johnson, a Christian, was named as Micah X by Jewish-controlled media to ridicule famous Afro-American Muslim Malcolm X. He was killed on the spot by a burst of police bullets.

Johnson was a reservist with US Army’s Engineering Brigade. He served in Afghanistan and was awarded an Army Achievement Medal and a NATO Medal.

Police found Bomb-making material, rifles and a combat journal at the home of Johnson.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings claimed that Micah Johnson (being a non-Muslim)didn’t belong to a terrorist group. Last year Rawlings was honored by Dallas Holocaust Museum at a $350-plate dinner.

Dallas police chief David O’Neal Brown said Micah Johnson was upset about the fatal police shootings of two #Black Lives Matters activists Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana. Brown got a call from Barack Obama from Warsaw where he was attending a NATO summit against Russia. Brown, like NYPD officials received his anti-protest training in Israel.

The US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the gunman appeared to have acted alone, although Texas Governor Greg Abbott said police would continue down every rabbit trail – ensuring that we eliminate any other possible suspects or co-conspirators.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott flew to Israel on Vegas Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s private plane in January 2016. In June 2016, Abbott refused Obama’s request to lift Texas sanctions against Iran. Instead he urged other State Governors to maintain or put new sanctions against Iran which poses an “Existential threat” to Israel. Abbott has also declared BDS a hate organization that must be opposed.

Johnson who had no previous criminal record until Friday shooting, was described by his Jewish basketball pal Israel Cooper: “It’s the quiet ones that just do the most devastating stuff.” No one is going to believe this idiot that Benjamin Netanyahu is a “quiet one”!

Last year, at an event in Dallas sponsored by New York-based anti-Muslim Jewish group, American Defense Freedom Initiative, headed by Jewish Pam Gueller, was attacked by two shooters who didn’t like America’s “Freedom of Speech”. Interestingly, the two shooters were killed by police before they had killed anyone attending the event.

Watch Kevin Barrett, PhD, on false flag operations conducted by US security agencies with the help of Israeli baby killers.


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