FBI’s Comey: Don’t indict Hillary for her crimes!

On Tuesday, James Comey, FBI director accused Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of “having been extremely careless” in handling classified information on her private e-mail server while serving as US secretary of state under Barack Obama’s first administration. Comey also recommended that the US Justice Department should not charge her for such petty crime.

Although the Department of Justice makes the final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to the department our views that no charges is appropriate in this case. Although there is evidence of potential violation of the statutes regarding the handling of the classified, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” Comey said on TV relayed from FBI headquarters.

Just imagine had it been Hillary Clinton’s so-called ‘Muslim aide’ Huma Abedin even though she is married to a disgraced Jewish sex-maniac and former Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner. The Jewish Lobby would have accused her of “stealing and passing the classified information to her father who allegedly was a former sympathizer of Jew-hating Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

Last year James Comey refused to call Dylann Roof who killed nine worshippers at the Charleston church, a terrorist. Why? Because the term ‘terrorist’ is reserved for Muslim extremists (here).

Comey’s kowtow to the partisan political interests of the Obama Administration and its powerful elitists will add to the erosion of faith in the American system and embed a bitter partisanship that will take a decade or more to bridge. I am certain he expects an angry reaction, and he should also expect sustained anger. Public trust in the federal government is near an all-time low, and Comey’s decision is a heavy blow. Elitists should prepare for sustained disrespect of laws they favor. A large slice of the American population, fed up with crony government and crony capitalism, will begin experimenting with civil disobedience. As a former community organizer, President Obama is no position to object,” commented professor Austin Bay (University of Texas in Austin) on July 5.

Whose interests does James Comey serve? In April 2015, James Comey revealed that he had made it mandatory for FBI recruits to visit Washington’s Holocaust Museum.

The US Justice Department is headed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, whom Bruce A. Dixon, managing editor Black Agenda Report, described as Condoleezza Rice with a law degree (here).


3 responses to “FBI’s Comey: Don’t indict Hillary for her crimes!

  1. As Trump hastened to pint out–but it so happens he was correct — General Petreus was hung to dry for a lot less.
    Huma Abedin would not necessarily be punished — they say she is Hillary’s love interest and in fact she is as Muslim as my left shoe.

    • As the records show, Gen. David Howell Petraeus was as much of “Judas Goat” as is Trump. The Organized Jewry didn’t let Petraeus punished either.

      “This man has suffered enough in my view. It’s done. It’s over. David Petraeus is a four star General of our generation and a very brilliant man,” said Jew Sen. Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein in an interview with CNN in January 2015.


  2. All true, but at least he was removed from his post and got a big slap on the pocket. She will get the White House.
    Of course we don’t know what his real offense was, which surely had nothing to do with the careless handling of documents but some act of unsatisfactory completion of the tasks given to him by his masters.
    As far as I can tell from the crumbs of “news” we got over time she only messed up once: when she failed to jump on Arafat’s wife for talking about the Jews poisoning the Palestinians wells, etc. That was decades ago and was not an act of disobedience but just inattention… She is just too good to be discarded! Her use of her private server for important and top secret communications was not inattention. It was a mutually profitable move: Israel got to serve itself directly from the source and she got to conduct her corrupt transactions of political favors for sale on behalf of the Clinton Foundation. How can they fault her for serving them so well?

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