US Jewish scholar: BDS is the path to Palestinian state!

Rfalk[1]Since the establishment of the Jewish colonial entity in Palestine, the Western, Israeli Jews, and their poodles ruling the Muslim world have been telling 9 million Palestinians that a non-violent movement and not an armed resistance will force Israeli rulers to allow an independent Palestinian state side-by-side on the West Bank and Gaza Strip – less than 20% of the historic Palestine.

However, Jewish occupation of Palestine during the last 68 year, the Israeli leaders have proved again and again that they have no intention of letting the Native Muslims and Christians have a slice of their ancestral land. Not long ago, Benjamin Netanyahu had boasted that “Palestinian state will emerge only on his dead body“. Even Shimon Peres’ Palestinian Gandhi Mahmoud Abbas in power for eleven years have failed to get even a crumb from Netanyahu.

Last week, Donald Trump’s Zionist Jew adviser on Israel, David M. Friedman, said that Trump as president wouldn’t stop Netanyahu building new illegal Jewish settlements in West Bank and East Jerusalem. He also claimed Trump will never recognize a Palestinian state without Israel’s consent.

Fearing the emerging Islamic armed resistance groups (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc.), secularist Palestinians initiated a humpty-dumpty Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign (it had long been hijacked by the Jewish Lobby) to put economic pressure on the Zionist regime to handover the 22% Palestinian land it occupied in June 1967 to the so-called Palestinian Authority headed by the Palestinian Gandhi.

The BDS did succeed inflicting some loses to Israel’s economy and making Westerners aware of the plight of Palestinian people. As result, Netanyahu equated BDS with Europe’s Blood Libel against Jews in the past.

American Jewish scholars, Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein have claimed that BDS is harming Palestinian cause just like the armed resistance.

American Jewish academic and former UNHRC special envoy for PA territories, Richard Falk, in an article published on June 26, 2016, endorsed BDS movement claiming Palestinian armed resistance has failed miserably – leaving non-violent movement the only alternative to achieve a Palestinian state.

Organized Palestinian armed resistance has all but disappeared, limiting anti-Israeli violence to the desperation of individual Palestinians acting on their own and risking near-certain death by striking randomly with primitive knives at Israelis encountered on the street, especially soldiers and those thought to be settlers,” Falk claims.

I wonder if that’s true, why Netanyahu and his Generals are still whining about Hamas rockets and Iranian support for Palestinian Islamic armed groups?

Has not Falk heard of his British brother Sir Gerald Kaufman who claimed last year that the so-called “knife attacks at Israeli Jews” was Israel’s fake knife terror to kill more Palestinian youth in order to make them look terrorists?

It is notable that this latest phase of Palestinian national struggle is being waged nonviolently, and in a manner that accords with the best traditions of constitutional democracy. That Israel and Zionist hardliners should be opposing BDS by an ugly smear campaign exposes Israel’s weakness when it comes to the legitimacy of its policies and practices, and should give the Palestinians hope that their cause is far from lost,” Falk said.

How honest Dr. Falk is obvious from his advice to Palestinians to follow the best traditions of constitutional democracy against Israel which is Not a Democracy, according to his fellow American Marianne Williamson, a Zionist Jew and blind supporter of Israel.

Many supporters of Palestine cause have come to the conclusion that entity which was established by Jewish terrorist can only be dismantled by armed resistance.


4 responses to “US Jewish scholar: BDS is the path to Palestinian state!

  1. So… JPR brings two representatives of the JewLeft faction: a sharp Jewish woman and a glib Arab house boy (who forgot to button his shirt) to play the kind of JewLeft Realpolitik song pretending to be lucid and fair critics of the JewRight & White Neanderthal Goyim coalition, all in the best interests of America, oy!
    In truth, they ARE smarter than the JewRight because they see how the wind blows and they hate to think they might lose to Russia and China in the context of Iran’s unstoppable progress. The thought of Russia and China being able to get close to Iran, let alone within it, gives them pocket burn. Furthermore, to get in and be able to maybe, just maybe, destabilize from within is a Jewish wet dream.

    • Historically, China is the closest ally of the only Muslim nuclear power Pakistan. It was Pakistan that helped to end the cold war between communist China and the US. Pakistan even gifted Aksai Chin and the Shaksgam Valley (2,100 sq. miles) of Pakistan’s liberated part of Jammu & Kashmir valley to China. China has invested tens of billion dollars in Pakistan in order to have access to Arabian Sea.

  2. I’m with Richard Falk: yes, please, Palestinians, stick with BDS.
    It’s a win-win: on the one hand non-violence benefits the Palestinians because fewer men will be killed in confrontations with the IDF soldiers, who will have to restrain themselves to killing only children, women and the disabled. On the other hand, Israel will be able to go ahead with its many nice building projects that have really and truly made the desert bloom, replacing the less modern habitations where Palestinians used to live.

  3. I just realized that my first comment belongs under the article “US Ex-Envoy,” not this one. But since Rehmat kindly replied anyway and I had a follow-up question, the first three comments belong there too…. Sorry. Posting is like launching a missile: once you hit the “send” button you can’t call it back…

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