US ex-Envoy: Iran is a role model for Europe

Khamenei[1]If I have to put Iran, right now, up against any country in Europe, Iran is clearly going to be the winner. With the appropriate capital access and the appropriate technology – not for weapons, but for feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, preserving the water. And protecting the life, the wildlife and resources that God has blessed you with,” said Andrew J. Young, former US ambassador at United Nations during Jimmy Carter administration.

Andrew Young was the keynote speaker at a fundraising dinner event arranged by the American Iranian Council at the Metropolitan Club held on June 20, 2016. Princeton-based AIC was founded in 1990. It’s not an Iranian Lobby like AIPAC, AJC or AD – but an educational forum. It’s first honorary chairperson was Cyrus Vance, former US secretary of state. AIC is the only US group which Washington allowed to have its office in Iran since 1979 Islamic Revolution.

In 2000, AIC even invited war criminal Madeleine Albright (Jewish), and in 2002, the Israel-First Sen. Joe Biden, currently Barack Obama’s vice-president.

Andrew Young’s full speech can be read (here).

The book, Going to Tehran referred by Andrew Young was in fact written by a Jewish couple Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett who held high positions at the US State Department. Listen to Hillary Mann Leverett below.


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