Theresa May: UK’s next kosher PM

Theresa May is holding a poster above, saying: I’m a Jew.

Without its Jews, Britain wouldn’t be Britain – Theresa May, British Home Secretary said in January 2015.

Meet Theresa May, your new Islamophobe prime minister – Craig John Murray, former British ambassador in Uzbekistan, said on July 3, 2016.

Theresa May will always support Israel – Israel daily Ynet.

Announcing her candidacy to Tory party leadership (to become UK’s next prime minister) on June 30, May gloated over imprisonment and finally deportation of Palestinian activist Omar Mahmoud Othman (Abu Qatada) to Jordan in July 2013. British Organized Jewry had declared him threat to British Jewish community.

Abu Qatada spent, over a thirteen year period, a total of nine years in jail in England despite never being charged with any crime. It is not just that he was not convicted. He was never charged. Nine years, think about it. In all that time, neither he nor his lawyers were ever permitted to see the accusations or evidence against him.

In September 2014, a military court in Amman set Abu Qatada a free man, of the British charges of “terrorism” for supporting the targeting of Israeli and American tourists and Western diplomats in 2000 in the so-called Millennium plot.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, who headed Government efforts to remove Qatada from the UK, was adamant that the court’s ruling did not mean the Muslim cleric would be able to return to Britain.

In June 2014, British journalist and author Toby Young, an Israeli propaganda hag, said that Theresa May defends Israel like an Israeli tank commander.

On June 29, 2016, the Jewish Chronicle gave Theresa May the highest ratings (80%) for winning the Conservative Party leadership against her four other Israel-First contenders.

Paul Dacre (Jewish), editor-in-chief of UK’s top tabloid, The Daily Mail, known as “King-maker” within the Tory party, has endorsed May as country’s next prime minister.

In 2014, Theresa May banned French comedian Dieudonne to enter Britain for latter’s anti-Zionism views.

In November 2015, Theresa May banned American student leader Matthew Heimbach, 25, from entering United Kingdom for being a threat to country’s 320,000-strong Jewish community. In support of her decision, May accused Heimbach of advocating racial segregation in United States, making antisemite statements and supporting anti-Israel terrorist organizations (here).

Last year May visited the Zionist entity and praised Netanyahu’s efforts to tackle country’s sex slavery and human trafficking.

A report carried by the News Israel Hebrew website on the Internet on March 23, 2005 had claimed that the total annual profits garnered from White sex slavery in Israel have reached the US$1 billion mark.


3 responses to “Theresa May: UK’s next kosher PM

  1. “Without Jews, Britain would not be Britain”
    Get behind Valls, shiksa. He thought this up first about France.
    But then the masters don’t expect originality from their orderlies. Only obedience and discipline.

    • On July 11, Theresa May became “officially” the next British prime minister after her only challenger Andrea Leadsom threw her towel as result of Jewish Lobby and Rupert Murdoch press vicious smearing campaign against her.

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