Hitler’s Mein Kampf to fund Holocaust Industry

cartoon[1]On June 29, 2016, Boston-based publishing company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) announced that it will publish Adolf Hitler’s ‘antisemite’ book Mein Kampf to fund needy Jewish survivors of Nazi era.

The proceeds from sale of Mein Kampf will be donated to Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Greater Boston,” said Andrew Russell, the publisher’s director of corporate social responsibility.

The publisher had been donating money to organizations that combat anti-Semitism since 2000. Since publication of Mein Kampf is banned in France, the job was given to HMH. The publication of the book was opposed by several Jewish groups as result of company’s recent announcement that in the future, it will provide funds to some non-Jewish NGOs. HMH caved-in to Jewish pressure and decided to bribe them by donating proceeds from the book to the ‘evergreen’ Holocaust Industry.

In September 2001, the company filed a law suit in a New York court against Jews for Jesus, accusing the pro-Israel Evangelical group of infringing the company’s copyright on its popular children’s storybook character, Curious George, which the company had been publishing for 70 years.

Interestingly, HMH is a subsidiary of Vivendi Universal, a multinational mass media company in Paris, whose CEO is Arnaud de Puyfontaine (Jewish).

By now, hundreds of millions people around the world including some honest Jews know that Holocaust has become a tool of the Organized Jewry to rob western nations and individuals to nurse Israel’s military machine. Germans and the 65 million American Evangelists are the biggest suckers of this Zionist Mafia. Organized Jewry has sucked over $93 billion from German taxpayers since the 1960s.

So think twice before you decide to buy Mein Kampf. BTW: My advice is not for the 65 million Evangelic sheep.

Anyway, the show must go on. The first copy of Mein Kampf was written nine year before Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Though the book is cursed in the West, it had been best seller in India since 2003. The Protocols of Zion is also very popular in India. In fact many racist Hindus love Hitler for his policy of White race purity. This was the reason French-born Catholic writer known as Savitri Devi immigrated to India and converted to Hinduism.


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