French Jewish president endorses Hillary Clinton

IMG_2615[1]How desperate Israel is to see Hillary Clinton as the next US president can be judged by the news from Israel’s allies in the West.

France’s “non-practicing Jew” president François Hollande said the best thing the Democrats can do is to get Hillary Clinton elected in an article, published Thursday in France’s pro-Israel Les Echos newspaper. Hollande who is the most unpopular (14% support amongst French voters) president in French history also said electing Trump would complicate relations between Europe and the US, and agreed with the notion that it would be dangerous.

President Hollande, whom veteran British journalist and author Alan Hart called French whore of Zionism, is the second foreign head of state after Benjamin Netanyahu, to tell American who should lead their nation.

In May, 2016, French prime minister Manuel Valls (a Zionist Christian with a Jewish wife) called Donald Trump, a bad man.

Both British prime minister David Cameron and London Mayor Sadiq Khan have urged Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox  has consistently bashed Trump for his anti-Mexican views, but less enthusiastically lent his support to Clinton.

What choice do I have?” he told The Jew York Times in May.

On June 30, the Jewish Vanity Fair magazine, ran the headline, Clinton Wins Coveted Endorsement of Francois Hollande.

France is a Catholic majority nation with 7-9 million Muslims and 500,000 Jews. Hollande, 62, doesn’t represent moral values on any of those religions. He has never married but has produced four children (now adults) from his first living-in-partner Segolene Royal, 62, former leader of Socialist party who ran for president in 2007. Hollande dumped her for Valerie Trierweiler, 50, a French journalist and mother of two from her first husband, after 30-year sex partnership. While Valerie Trierweiler was a living-in-partner (here), Hollande was found having sexual adventures with French actress Julie Gayet. Hollande dumped Valerie Trierweiler for Gayet in 2014. Now, Gayet, 44, is the un-official ‘First Lady’ of the country. She lives at Elysee Palace as Hollande’s live-in-partner.

Trump says US elites have too often played up to (Israel) foreign interests, and his policies would put “America First”. He could send Mexican-Americans to Mexico and Muslims to neighboring Canada that has only 4% of its land inhabited by human.


2 responses to “French Jewish president endorses Hillary Clinton

  1. I don’t agree with the description “non-practicing Jew.”
    One can say a “non-practicing Christian/Muslim” implying that the person does not follow the tenets of the respective religion and in that sense is not much of Christian/Muslim but perhaps an agnostic or an atheist.
    But “non-practiocong Jew” is a contradiction in terms. Someone who self-identifies as a Jew is ipso facto practicing judaism. It matters not whether one keeps kosher or not, swings chickens over one’s head or not, calls oneself an “agnostic” or not. One who identifies as a Jew will hand over his 8-day-old son to the mohel to be felated and “seal the covenant with “g-d” of “chosenness.” That is PRACTICING ewish supremacism.

    • Well you can call Hollande whatever you want but that’s what the pro-Sarkozy press called him during last presidential election. Sarkozy’s mother is a Sephardim Jew while his father a Hungarian Catholic.

      Marie Le Pen leader of the French National party is the most anti-Muslim French political leader – but she also shares her bed with a Jewish man, out of marriage of course. That’s one the Western demands to call Muslim world MODERN.

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