Canada: Denying official terror story is ‘Hate Crime’!

Canadian-born Lord Conrad Black’s (married to British Jewish journalist Barbara Amiel) newspaper Lethbridge Herald has accused professor Anthony James Hall (University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) of hate crime for not believing in several ‘official terror stories’. For example, Dr. Hall claims that the Ottawa Parliament shooting in 2014 was a scheme to keep Israeli puppet Stephen Harper in power; the Sandy Hook massacre was staged to promote gun control; and Jewish Zionists are waging a secret war to demonize Muslims around the world through control of western media.

Incidentally, the Lethbridge Herald missed to mention that Dr. Hall also challenges the ‘official 9/11 story’.

The shape of things to come was foreshadowed on the morning of 9/11 with the BBC’s extension to Ehud Barak, a former Prime Minister of Israel, of full license to finger on world television the targets for post-9/11 revenge. Without any formal investigation at all, the former Israeli General and intelligence officer named as probable culprits Osama bin Laden, Yasser Arafat, Iraq, Iran and Libya. Barak provided this list only minutes after an aircraft was pictured not even slowing down as it cut into the South Tower like a hot knife slicing through butter,” says Dr. Hall (here).

Dr. Hall is author of several books and editor-in-chief of American Herald Tribune. He visited Iran in 2014. Watch his views on Iran below.

Dr. Hall talks with Kevin Barrett, PhD, about the latest accusation against him. In the past, Dr. Hall had been accused of being “Holocaust denier”, and “antisemite” by the former Canadian Jewish Congress and the current B’nai Brith lobby as well the more recently by the Centre for Israel & Jewish Affairs.

On May 11, 2015, Jewish journalist Glenn Greenwald claimed that under Stephen Harper government, Free Speech is offending Muslims – Not opposing Israel.


4 responses to “Canada: Denying official terror story is ‘Hate Crime’!

  1. 1. You should know that the second video is not accessible. I tried to find it on youtube and had no luck. They may have deleted it.
    2. Article reblogged in a satire:

    • The second video of Dr. Hall’s talk with Dr. Barrett on False Flag Radio show is accessible on my computer for the time being.

  2. I’d not call it a “hate-crime”. I’d say it’s more of a “stupid-crime”… which is no crime at all. ^..^

    • Well, Canada is a funny country like France. Here insulting Islam and Muslims is protected under ‘freedom of speech’ – but telling truth about Israel and the Organized Jewry is a Hate Crime under law.

      For example, Arthur Topham, editor of ‘Radical Press’ was convicted under Hate Crime Law in a British Columbia court for publishing ‘conspiracy theories’ like Jewish power, 9/11, The Protocols, and re-blogging such articles from other sources including this and Gilad Atzmon blogs. Topham was also sued by B’nai B’rith of Canada.

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