Sadiq Khan ‘concerned’ about Jews after Brexit!

Sadiq Khan, Britain's Labour Party candidate for Mayor of London and his wife Saadiya pose for photographers after casting their votes for the London mayoral elections at a polling station in south London Britain May 5, 2016. (Reuters/Stefan Wermuth)On Sunday, speaking at an Iftar (end of daily fasting) event at the Finchley Reform Synagogue (FRS) in north-west London, Pakistan-born London Mayor Sadiq Khan said that he was ‘concerned’ about the rise of antisemitism in the city as result of Brexit victory. This was Sadiq Khan’s third Iftar at the synagogue that was attending by 200 people mostly Jews and Muslim immigrants from Somalia including some MPs belonging to ‘Labour Friends of Israel’.

Responding to Sandy Rashty, a reporter with Jewish Chronicle about the safety of Jewish community in London after UK’s withdrawal from European Union, Khan said: “One of the things I have said to the government – because London is unique to the rest of the country, we are the capital city and we are the only region in England who voted to “remain” – it is really important when it comes to negotiating the new deal with the EU, (Mayor) London has a seat around the table.”

Khan also said he is aware of the concerns raised by Rabbi Menachem Margolin, of the European Jewish Congress, who warned that Britain’s exit from the EU could lead to a spike in antisemitism, a move that was deeply worrying for Jews across Europe.

When it comes to the new deal we negotiate with the EU, whatever that may be, to see if we can negotiate things that keep us safe. So for example, if we are out of the EU, we will no longer be a member of the European Arrest Warrant treaty. So we have to negotiate with the other 27 countries a treaty. It’s really important,” Sadiq Khan said.

How ironic – most of European nations are controlled by the powerful Jewish lobby groups while 15 of those nations have passed laws against denial of the ‘six million died’ myth.

Khan also acknowledged that an economic slump could undermine community cohesion; noting an increase in racial abuse after the vote. According to several reports over hundred of hate and incident occurred after the Brexit vote – mostly against Muslims and Christians – but not a single against Jews.

Khan also accused his Labour party leadership for not doing enough to fight antisemitism within the party.

During his campaign, MP Sadiq Khan told the ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ that he is ‘shocked’ to learn that many Muslims still believe in the conspiracy theory that Israel was behind 9/11 terrorism.

One has to admit Sadiq Khan is a shrewd politician considering his country of birth, Pakistan has refused to recognize the Zionist entity since 1948, and a great majority of 2.7 million British Muslims are pro-Palestine. During his political career, he never visited a mosque, never made a statement in support of Palestinian, supported same sex marriage, and tried his best to be accepted as a moderate Muslim. No wonder, he is not ‘concerned’ about the safety of his fellow Muslims – but worried about the safety of 300,000 British Jews.

London-based journalist and political commentator Hafsa Kara-Mustapha calls Sadiq Khan, a Muslim Zionist.


3 responses to “Sadiq Khan ‘concerned’ about Jews after Brexit!

  1. Like “Christian” Zionist, there is no such thing as a “Muslim” Zionist. The two ideologies are diametrically opposed. When you become a Zionist, you have AUTOMATICALLY defaulted from God’s own universal laws and Way given to the Human race by the great Prophets.

    What they are really trying to do is insert their Zionist satanic filth into the Religions by the use of the word “moderate.”

    The way to EXIT Zionism is here:

    • I wish you’re right sir, but modern Muslim history in the former Indian sub-continent doesn’t support your wishful thinking.

      Pakistan’s first foreign minister sir Zafrullah Khan (a Qadiani). Gen. Pervez Mushrraf, the fourth military dictator of Pakistan, Salman Rushdi, Fareed Zakaria of CNN, Canadian lesbian ‘philosopher’ Irshad Manji, etc.

      Always remember the GOLDEN RULE: “One doesn’t become a Muslim by being born to a Muslim parents – but by practicing true tenets of Islam.”

      Unlike Judaism, Islam doesn’t not accept faith being hereditary.

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